Solid Flooring

Material for flooring made of real wood, not plywood, not HDF, nor layers. The material can be from teak wood, Mahogany, Merbau, Kruing, etc.

Laminating Flooring

Materials for the floor are made from wood powder contrived board by means of the press is called HDF type MDF (HDF = High Density Fiber). Then one of the surface in the laminate with similar materials of wooden plastic. So this type is not the original wood, but the wood is copycat. The advantages of this type of quick installation, and flat colors, due to artificial wood fibers. Visit for some information.

The usual parquet is the same kind with solid Flooring made of real wood. the only difference is in terms of size.

Standard size of ordinary parquet = 5cm x 20cm, 5cm x 25cm, 5cm x 30cm. (Width x Length)

Standard size Parquet Flooring = 9cm x 45cm up (Width x Length)


What is the difference between teak, merbau, sono rivet. Which one is best for the bedroom?

Teak wood brownish yellow with flower fibers, Merbau wood Reddish color with fiber line small. Sono wood rivet color black with fiber like teak. All three include high quality also called Hardwood (Hard Wood) durable and termite resistant. What distinguishes the price as follows;

Parquet,Sonokeling, sono rivet are most expensive because they are included a forest wood and hard to get.

Teak wood is priced under Sono rivets as it is easy to get and many are cultivating energy.

Merbau wood, quality and durability are the same with the above two types, only the price is cheaper because it looks not as good as teak and sono rivet.

What is the meaning of teak Quality 1 or Quality 2 (Q1 or Q2)

Wood type Q1 and Q2 = Any Wood Floor Production, there must be a good result and good quality, In terms of precision and in terms of appearance there is a brown and white color. both sorted. the best entry into Q1, the less good goes to Q2. You can get good quality of wood floor on

Is this wood likely to have termites?

For the type of hardwood class 1 such as teak, Merbau, iron wood / ulin, or sono keling. Average inside the wood there are compounds, as anti-termite compounds, so that in its use can be durable, even hundreds of years. in the area Kalimantan many bridges made of ironwood, and its age is hundreds of years. And we can see also like railway bearings, until now at some point still use pads of wood.

As for the type of laminated wood flooring, averagely using artificial anti termite, and this nature of temporary usage.

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