What happens if your vehicle lock is lost? Yes, of course, it will get you annoyed. What’s more, if you’re in a hurry.

But don’t panic. Several ways will make it easier for you to cope with the times when the vehicle locks are lost, one of them contacted locksmith in Geebung.

It needs to be prepared beforehand. sometimes is trivial, but if not done, then you will trouble. Well, here are 5 things you should do when the vehicle locks are lost.

Retrieve Backup Keys

Try to always have a spare lock for your favorite vehicle. Keep the backup key well in a pre-prepared place. Try to have more than one, so you can put it in the wallet you’ve always brought and another one put at home. Such conditions always help.

Buy a backup key

Buying a backup key is not an easy thing. With today’s increasingly advanced key technologies, it’s a good idea to ask this to your vehicle dealership. Or you can search for a backup key by buying it in another automotive store. But to be able to buy this backup key you need proof of ownership of the vehicle to avoid any theft.

Insurance claims

Some insurances can provide a key loss claim service. You can also free up the cost of key replacement which is quite expensive considering the current key technology is growing and progressing. Of course, this will help you, either losing it in your home or outdoors. That way you will soon get your car key back.


Sometimes your key will encounter problems such as unable to open or lock the door. If this occurs immediately contact the dealer for reimbursement during your vehicle under warranty period. But before contacting the dealer it’s good to try replacing your lock battery first to make sure. This warranty will also apply to loss, but only a few companies will provide this warranty.

Contact a locksmith

If you are in a condition where your car is locked in the middle of the public and you lose the key, immediately contact the vehicle key expert to resolve the issue. All you need is a proprietary letter of the vehicle and an additional charge for the replacement of the key. For example, you can contact a 24-hour lockable locksmith like Stronghold Locksmith. Visit his website https://www.strongholdlocksmiths.com/or call 1300-205-512