Here are 7 Merchants you can get the voucher without having to buy it. The following articles are specific to all Mania Hunt Hooks that the Online Discounted Finder Team delivers. Ie tips and tricks to get a free shopping voucher without having to buy it. Among those you can get are Alfamart Vouchers, Carrefour Vouchers, MAP Vouchers, Matahari Department Store, Hypermart, Zalora, and Boga Group.


How to get the Free Shopping Voucher ..?


Actually the voucher already provided by the 7 Merchants above is not completely free because there is little work to do. And we mean free because you do not need to spend a penny. And of course this is not just an online shopping saving tips because it really is without having to buy.


If we do not buy, why do they give it free to us ..?


Actually all the available vouchers have been purchased by Toluna who deliberately prepared to be given to anyone who wants to help them.


What kind of help that we get the Free Shopping Voucher ..?


You just simply follow the online survey which takes 10 – 15 minutes per survey.

What kind of survey is meant ..?


For example, you will be asked to choose answers about online shopping questions such as how often you shop online, what products you buy most, what kind of payouts do you like or what the topic is.


Because these data will be used to improve the quality of services to certain online stores in order to provide satisfaction and convenience to more customers.



And actually there are 2 more types of gifts that we did not mention earlier, the money Paypal and toll free.


What are the Terms and Conditions to follow the survey and get a Free Voucher ..?


There is no special provision provided that you can read, write and can connect to the internet either using HP or laptop / computer.


And one more thing you need to remember, that this job is not a prize drawing quiz whose winner selection is in drawing. However you will be rewarded according to the survey you have followed.


Because of the fact, they really need your ideas and thoughts by improving the quality of their business services.


Please click here to register for free The sooner you register and follow the survey, the sooner you will get the free gift voucher.

UPDATE: We’ve found that much easier! only with pairs of applications for 7 days can voucher Zalora ┬áRead: , for more details.