In general, people try to avoid legal problems because they do not want to be confused, complicated business, do not understand the law, sharp paradigms downward, obtuse upward and because of the high cost.

However, the reality is not like that, the legal process and legal mechanism sometimes inevitably must be carried out by each citizen, which if each individual does not use their rights and obligations will only incur greater losses for each individual itself.

The State as provided for in the regulations has provided Advocates who can act for and on behalf of each citizen, therefore Advocates can represent the interests of each citizen in the effort to fulfill their rights and obligations before the Law.

So for those who do not want to be dizzy, complicated, do not understand the law, convoluted affairs, and or do not have time, we are from tulsa bankruptcy attorneys are present and ready to represent your interests anytime and anywhere for an act of civil and criminal law following applicable legal provisions.

Many ask about the cost, how much? We cannot answer this with certainty, because we are not traders who have a fixed price for each item, but we as a professional legal service provider, whose costs we can only assess after we know the problem, the level of complexity of a legal problem, mileage, facts, evidence and legal actions to be taken. Therefore before using our legal services, two-way communication must be mandatory – consultation to find out the technical legal actions and costs. Related to expensive or not it is a relative thing, which must be adjusted to the financial capabilities of each citizen.

How much does the consultation cost? For consultations, we do not charge a free alias. Yes, it’s free for anyone who wants to consult the following conditions:

1. Free consultation 24 hours a day, via the following telephone number (918) 786-9600, please wait for a reply.


Each consultation answer, except for face-to-face meetings, is not recommended to be followed or not recommended as a reference for legal action and is only a subjective opinion. The answer to an objective consultation is a consultation that is accompanied by concrete facts and evidence.
Thus the information may be useful.