1. Packing the goods as possible

If my friend is about to ship the items, wrap them in as neatly and safely as possible. If the item is easily broken or damaged, provide additional safety, such as foam, newspaper, bubble wrap, foam, etc. Then if it can wrap with a thicker carton to be more secure. For example, visit pakke.dk.

What you need to know in shipping expeditions is, even if you write “Do not slam”, “Easy to Break”, “Fragile”, etc., still your goods will be slammed, thrown and crushed.

It can be said that the text does not have much effect or even no effect at all.

This condition does not refer to any of the expeditions, all the expedition services are the same. So, all we can do is protect our goods as well as possible so as not to be damaged.

If you send the goods in small size, or just send a letter, it is recommended that the envelope or packaging should not be too small. Because very vulnerable tucked. pakke.dk Recommended high quality delivery service.

Exceptions: Especially for JNE expedition services, there are wooden packing services as well as insurance. If you want to use insurance + wood packing, for example want to send a mobile phone, then my friend does not need to pack the goods first. This is because the JNE need to check the condition of goods to be delivered first. But if you do not use insurance, we must pack as safe as possible.

  1. Write the Complete Address Possible

Buddy do not ever think everyone knows the name of the street, the region or the addressed area.

Maybe for local people the name of the street or the area is very easy to find or famous. But for other area people may not even know the name of the street.

For example there are Balinese want to send goods to Jalan Margonda No. 56, Depok. He just wrote like that. If people Depok, West Java would be easy to find the address.

But expedition officers in Bali are not necessarily aware of Margonda Road. If the address is not written complete, it could be, not sent to Depok, West Java, but the goods are sent to Depok, Central Java (because the name is both Depok and expedition officers in Bali only know if Depok is in Central Java – also in West Java). This is just an example, not a real event.

Therefore, write the address as completely as possible. What should be written?

Recipient’s name

No phone recipient that can be contacted

Street Name

House Number (if any)

Name of Village

District Name


Postal code

Name of the sender

No Phone Sender

For the Sender Address usually does not have to be written (may be written, it may not)

If you do not know the full address of the shipping destination, at least the name of the city and its sub-district should not be wrong. You can use best goods delivery service on pakke.dk.