The Fun Way to Introduce Science to Children in the Early Age

Most of us think that introducing science to children can begin when they have entered elementary school. This assumption based on a difficult and frightening lesson for a child mindset, especially an early age. In fact, science is knowledge that studies about natural objects and physical objects that are around the child, or even often attract their attention. By sending your children to Brighton College, it can inspire them to achieve success. Brighton College is the best International Nursery Bangkok who is highly dedicated and upholds the IGCSE curriculum.

Here are some ways you can do to introduce science to children from an early age.

Explanation in Children’s Daily Life

Basically, every activity that we do everyday can be connect with science. Although indeed, not everything we can explain to early childhood. Here, parents must be good at sorting out which activities can be accompanied by efforts to introduce science to children.

It’s not too difficult to educate children while playing or through daily activities. For example, when children playing outside, parents can explain the weather conditions and the signs of the changes. When the sun is up and the weather is hot or sunny, it means the child can play outside. So even when the clouds start to dark or cloudy which is a sign of rain will fall, and the child must immediately go back home. You can explain the concept of rain, rainbows, and so on. Of course, after knowing this, children will also think logically related to the nature of weather changes when he wants to play outside the home.

Learning Science from Interesting Books

To looks concrete for them. it would be better if you also provide science books for young children. Choose the type of book that not only displays narration or text, but also pictures or even sound. Moreover, now there are also many types of books available such as Pop-Up, Noisy Book, etc. that are guaranteed to be able to attract the attention of children and are not boring.

Encourage Children to Experiment

In addition to explanations, teaching science to children will also be more effective if children are directly involved in experiments. The knowledge they get from this activity, will generally be far more attached because they will tend to remember what they have done. So, occasionally invite children to play while experimenting.