SEO or search engine optimization is a popular term among website developers and blog owners.

SEO is a website optimization effort to be accessed by search engines, and is at the beginning of search engines. In this day and age, websites that are not on the front page of search engines are the same as websites that are not touched by search engines.

This certainly happens because most users or netizens just lazy to switch to the next search page, and only read the search results at the beginning of the page only. If the search keyword is not found on the start page, they immediately replace it with another search term. Visit for details about SEO.

  1. Current Search Engine Technology Involves Artificial Intelligence

If the former search engine was only oriented to the digital data structure and pattern of content filtering using keywords with certain criteria, the current search engine technology involves artificial intelligence or artifact intelligence. Artificial intelligence is one way that is applied to the current search engine in order for search engines to provide more complex and comprehensive search results. Obviously, this is like involving humans in search engines though not directly. This step is taken because many parties are too focused on SEO and less concerned about the content it provides. Many parties vying to be on the front page of search engines.

In the end, they only focus on the application of a particular script or software so that their website is indexed very well by search engines. When the website is opened, the content of the website was not in accordance with what the user is looking for. You may have experienced or even been very familiar with the website addresses that provide fake-content, and websites like these are often at the beginning of search engines. Implementation of artificial intelligence search engine is currently still being developed. That’s why users can still find fake sites, which is quite troublesome internet users. Hopefully the search engine technology is getting better so that the content that users consume is contents that are as comprehensive and as you wish. is one of that best SEO provider.

  1. Website Templates or Themes Not Always Influence on SEO

If you’ve ever been in a community that loves SEO so much, they will be very fond of website templates, which, he says, have a powerful and powerful SEO power. They will hunt and show off the greatness of the website template they have. In fact, SEO is not always influenced by the template. In fact, the effect of website templates on SEO is not too big.

We can see complex and complex templates belonging to large websites but still able to be on the front page of search engines. They even show up many times even if the search engine users give a change to their keywords. On the other hand, there are templates that are so very simple but not also indexed by the search engine optimally. A good template is a template that minimizes the old load time. However, the old load caused by templates is actually not very influential on SEO because the search engine indexes full-time and immediately database the search results. The slow templates only affect the redirect access of the search engine to the targeted website to be slower, but not to its SEO. If the template does not have a significant effect on SEO, then what makes a website indexed by search engines well?

In relation to templates, what affects the power of search engines for websites is the meta content or meta tags. Yes, of course with the note that the template used does not have an error warning that accumulate. Meta tags are one type of tag in HTML used to provide information or properties to a page. Meta tags are placed in the head tag or the beginning of the HTML code so they can be rendered at the beginning of downloading a page. In a meta tag the search engine takes the information of a website page. For example, the description of the website, its author, relevant keywords, and other information. From meta tags, search engines then give a decision on what order the website will be displayed.

  1. Someone Can Master Search Engines Though Not So Mastering SEO

Without shrinking the role of meta tags in SEO, websites or pages belonging to someone who is not so master SEO even can master the search engine or even appear on the front page of search engine results. Although it takes a little longer, this is very likely to happen to everyone. Of course, this happens with at least 4 conditions: 1) quality of content, 2) content quantity, 3) publicity, and 4) visitors traffic.

The website must have good quality content. For example, each content is presented in a comprehensive and representative manner, and takes into account the cohesion and coherence of each website content. Well, the content quality of the content will facilitate the search engine in processing the data. In addition to quality content, website owners must also be able to generate a lot of content (quantity of content). Content-content will make the search engine complete and complete data processing so that the keywords searched can be found, then the website appears on the front page of search engines.

Publicity is the ability of website owners to publish their website. For example, the owner of the website diligently shares to many social media so that the website is well known by many internet users. Another way that can be done to increase the level of publicity is to promote or pair the website to an ad provider so that it can reach many audiences. Websites visited by many visitors will increase visitors traffic, and make a lot of people open or type website address on the search engine many times. If visitors traffic a page is very good, search engines will mark it as a prioritized recommended site in the search engine. If you’re looking good SEO service, get in touch on