Procedures for Renting a Car and Things to Look For


Who is not enthusiastic when talking about holidays? Even though conditions are not possible to travel outside of the house because of the Covid-19 Corona pandemic, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about what interesting activities can be done after this corona pandemic ends. When starting to plan a vacation, various needs began to be prepared, starting from clothes, pocket money, to accommodation. Likewise, the problem of the vehicle to be used.

If you don’t want the hassle of having to drive your own vehicle, you need to look for Rent a car near me as an alternative road that you can use if you want to travel. Even if you don’t have a car, you will still be able to go to nice places with your family or get things done.

For the use of car rental services, there are two choices, namely using a driver or not, which is often referred to as unlocking. If you use a driver, you will be charged an additional fee by the car rental company.

However, the option of using an additional driver service will give you a distinct advantage. The benefits of using a driver include; you don’t need to be tired to drive, you can rest, you can enjoy traveling and take advantage of your free time with your family. In addition, having a driver can speed up your trip. Because in general, the driver will know the alternative route to get somewhere.

Here are some tips before renting a car.

Know Your type car. The need in question is to know the purpose of the car rental, where to use it, this is done so that you can easily choose the car to use.

  • Select the Suitable Car. After selecting car that you need, then select the car to be used.
  • Ask Rental Price. After the car is selected, ask the rental fee and do a consultation.
  • Ask the terms and conditions for the car rental process
  • Ask the condition of the car to be used, whether the engine or otherwise. So that later the trip feels safe.
  • Ask the car rental company, whether they provide insurance services or not.
  • Before using the car, make sure you have to use a driver or not.

Before you rent a car, it is important to understand the car rental rules so that nothing unpleasant happens in the future. The following are general car rental rules that apply to car rental places:

  • Key loose tenants are required to have a driving license according to the car being rented
  • Have an identity card that will be kept by the owner of the lease during the rental period
  • There are provisions for lease fines if the lease period exceeds
  • The availability of car delivery and car pickup facilities in certain areas
  • There are rules for the use of vehicles according to the agreement
  • The car rental company has the right to reject customers according to customer criteria
  • There are rules regarding car insurance fines in the event of minor or major damage
  • Unauthorized racing is not permitted
  • The rental duration is considered to be fully used and cannot be deducted for future use
  • If with a driver, the rental price is not included with the price of fuel, but usually there are also rental packages with a driver and fuel
  • Accidents caused by the driver of the rental company will be borne by the rental company
  • Cancellation of leases will usually be subject to a fine according to the rules of each rental company.

When choosing a car rental is quite confusing and sometimes there are many pitfalls. For that, look for lots of info about car rental services with a reliable quality of service so you won’t be disappointed.

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