Price of Honda CB1100 RS and 2019 Specifications

After much success, Honda Europe has now launchd a new motorsport product to be marketed in the Asian region. It comes with a higher engine performance which claims that this Honda motorcycles UK has been equipped with an engine capacity of 1140 cc with 4 cylinders in-line. This, of course, will make motor power far greater than motors in general, which are only equipped with 125 cc and 150 cc engines.

Also, the price of the Honda CB 1100 RS is quite expensive, the article is in the manufacturer’s country there, this motor is priced at around £ 11,139. The price is indeed very comparable with the performance and quality of this one motorcycle, in addition to that this motorcycle also earned the nickname as the Legend of the world of classic motorcycles because of its classic and unique design. Well, friend, want to know more about this one, motorcycle? let’s look at the reviews and specifications of the Latest Honda CB 1100 RS below.

  Specifications of Honda CB1100 RS


  • Engine Type: inline four-cylinder, water, and oil-cooled, DOHC
  • Cylinder Capacity: 1140 cc
  • Diameter x Step: 73.5 x 67.2 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5: 1
  • Maximum Power: 66 kW / 7,500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 91 Nm / 5,500 rpm
  • Starter System: Electric
  • Transmission: 6 Speed
  • Clutch Type: Wet, multi-plate
  • Fuel system: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection


  • Length: 2,180 mm
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Wheelbase Spacing: 1485 mm
  • Lowest Distance to the Ground: 130 mm
  • Seating Height: 795 mm
  • Net Weight: 252 Kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 16.8 Litres


  • Frame Type: Double steel cradle
  • Front Suspension: 43mm conventional fork (SDBV) with adjustable spring preload
  • Rear Suspension: Twin shocks with adjustable spring preload
  • Front Rims: 17in x 3.50MT 10-spoke aluminum diecast
  • Rear Rims: 17in x 5.50MT 10-spoke aluminum diecast
  • Front Tires: 120/70 R17
  • Rear Tires: 180/55 R17
  • Front Brakes: Double disc
  • Rear Brakes: Single disc

Design and Dimensions

As we alluded to in the above review, the Honda CB1100 RS is a classic motorbike legend that has an outstanding performance engine. The design of this motorbike does look quite attractive where on the front of the motorbike it is equipped with a round headlamp. Meanwhile, this motorbike seems more luxurious thanks to the LED lights that adorn the front of the motorbike. Besides that, at the top of the motor headlamp, futuristic panel panels are also installed that can provide accurate information about the motorbike.

In the next section, there is a motor tanky that is quite sweet, where the tank of the motor can hold about 16.5 liters of fuel. Then the Honda CB1100 RS is also equipped with futuristic seats or seats that can provide good driving comfort. Besides this motor also has dimensions that are quite ideal for a big motor, where the motor has an overall length of up to 2,180 mm with a motor width of 800 mm and a height of up to 1,100 mm. Now with a classic motorcycle style with a cool looking motor, certainly it will be comparable to the price of the Honda CB1100 RS offered to every customer.

Tough Motor Performance with 1100cc engine capacity

Talking about the engine of the motor runway, there is no doubt about it, because the Honda CB 110 RS is equipped with a 4 stroke engine which has 4 inline cylinders. Meanwhile, in this engine, there is also a Dual Over Head Camshaft (DOHC) technology with 6 speeds that will make this motorbike performance more resilient and more powerful. Also, with this technology, engine performance will become more optimal and the resulting combustion will be much cleaner. Not quite up there, the engine on this motorbike is also equipped with a cooling system in the form of water and oil-cooled which will make the engine temperature on this motor remain stable.

On the other hand, the engine on the Honda CB1100 RS motorbike also has an engine compression ratio of 9.5: 1 with a bore diameter and a stroke of 73.5 mm x 67.2 mm. This, of course, will make the Honda CB1100 RS motor capable of releasing a maximum power of 66 kW at 7,500 Rpm, while the maximum torque it can produce is 91 Nm at 5,500 Rpm. Then the fuel system of the Honda CB1100 RS has also brought PGM-FI electronic fuel injection technology that will make the fuel supply of this motorbike more efficient but does not affect the performance of the motor itself.

High-Quality Suspension

The style can be retro multiply and the appearance of this motorbike can also be cool and eccentric, but what you need to remember is that in a big motor, it also requires good riding comfort so that the rider does not get tired or stiff in riding this motorbike. Reminded that, the Honda CB1100 RS has been equipped with a tough and quality suspension system where on the front of the motor is mounted a suspension with a type of conventional fork (SDBV) 43 mm in diameter with adjustable spring preload. With this type of suspension, driving comfort on the front will feel softer and more comfortable when passing uneven or bumpy road conditions.

And to compensate for the comfort of the front, on the back of the motor is also installed a tough suspension system type Twin shocks with adjustable spring preload. This suspension is also a pretty good type of suspension in its class because this type of suspension has fairly strong endurance and can reduce any vibrations that occur in the Honda CB1100 RS motor when passing through a bumpy road. Besides that, Honda also provided this motor with two wheels, each of which has a diameter of 17-inch x 3.50MT alloy wheels for its front wheels. And for the back of this motorbike has also used 17-inch x 5.50MT alloy wheels, both wheels have also been shredded with tires each measuring 120/70 R17 and 180/55 R17 for the front and rear wheels.

Completeness Feature

As a motorbike that has good performance and engine specifications, this motorbike should also be equipped with attractive features that can support the safety and security of driving for its riders. As in the braking sector, on the front of the Honda CB1100 RS, this has been installed a tough and reliable braking system with Dual disc type. Meanwhile on the back of the motor is also installed a single disc type disc brakes, both types of braking have a very strong grip so that it can support the safety of the rider. Meanwhile, the price of the Honda CB1100 RS is quite expensive, you will also be spoiled with some other interesting features that can support your safety in driving using the motorbike.

  • New Honda CB1100 RS Price 11 pounds 139
  • Price of Used Honda CB1100 RS –

Latest Honda CB1100 RS Prices: Honda Motor Price List 


  • Honda CB1100 RS specifications and prices above are subject to change at any time
  • Different sellers certainly will be different prices for the Honda CB1100 RS

Honda CB1100 RS is a retro-style motor equipped with a 4 stroke engine with 4 inline cylinders, the engine also has a capacity of 1100cc which can provide a more resilient and more reliable performance in every condition. Also, with this 1100 cc engine, the Honda CB1100 RS can release 66 kW of maximum power with an engine speed of 7,500 rpm. Besides that, with the price of the Honda CB1100 RS which is quite expensive, we will also be spoiled with several advanced technologies such as PGM-FI electronic fuel injection technology which will make the engine performance more optimal and the fuel supply will be much more efficient.

In addition to having a formidable motorcycle performance and the price of a Honda CB1100 RS which is quite expensive, this classic retro Honda motorbike also has a distinctive motorcycle design style of the past that is unique and classic. This motor has indeed gotten a few new touches that make this motorbike look more stylish and cool, moreover, it is known that Honda has invested in some excellent features that will support the performance of the motor itself. Thus the information about the latest Honda CB1100 RS prices and specifications, hopefully, this information can add to your insight into the world of domestic automatics.