Linux Dedicated Server vs Windows Dedicated Server

Being a business owner, you would have by now figured out that website hosting is an extremely crucial aspect that can serve as a game-changer to your market presence and online revenues. While choosing the perfect hosting platform is crucial, it is equally vital to select the operating system of your choice. If you have chosen the powerful Dedicated Hosting platform for your website, you get the option to choose between Windows and Linux for your OS.

Windows needs no introduction, especially for the non-techies who widely use the Windows OS for their personal computers. Linux, on the other hand, is the OS of choice for the tech-proficients who are adept at web development, server management, etc. To ensure the maximum efficiency of your Dedicated Server, you must understand the difference between the two. 

Here are some major differences between Linux Dedicated Server and Windows Dedicated Server:

  1. Costs and authorization
    Costs are an important decision-influencing factor when it comes to selecting your Dedicated Hosting service. Since Linux is an open-source operating system, the costs related to it are quite lower as compared to a Windows operating system. The only price you need to pay is for the technical assistance in installation and general setup without any requirement for seeking authorization. Windows, on the other hand, is a proprietary product that needs authorization from Microsoft to be used and installed and thus, has significant licensing fees. 
  2. Traits and features
    If you want the freedom to add several applications and software from third-party vendors, then you must go for Linux Dedicated Server. Since most of the applications and software these days are built on Linux to keep the source open, a Linux Dedicated Server would be of exceptional support. However, if you have a majority of applications built around Windows,  then you need to choose Windows Dedicated Hosting.
  3. Security against cyberattacks
    While working on a Dedicated Server that supports your online business, a cyberattack on your server can be a stuff of the nightmares. While the majority of these attacks are innocuous, there can be some that are aimed towards data theft and disrupting the functionality.
    Though Linux is an open-source operating system, it has evolved into an extremely robust one with consistent support and improvisations from its developers and users. Also, with easy customizations, you can seamlessly configure a firewall in Linux to boost the security.
    Although Windows possesses several firewalls and anti-virus mechanisms, it is a more prone and susceptible operating system simply because of the sheer number of people using Windows. Windows-based hosting servers are a low hanging fruit for hackers, thus increasing the likelihood of attacks. However, with the support and licensing of Microsoft, you can rest assured regarding the inbuilt security features with the Windows OS architecture.
  4. Ease of use and flexibility
    Due to Windows OS being widely used by people on their home computers, they are more comfortable and more likely to opt for Windows.  However, once you know all the basic Linux commands, learn how to execute them on the command line, and have come across several other basic operations, the Linux operating system can prove to be faster, smoother, and more efficient. 
  5. Resource requirement
    Since Linux servers are open-source type, they are built and eventually modified into systems that require minimal resources and storage. The applications and software are made with a lean ideology keeping the stress on RAM low. Windows Dedicated Server, whereas, requires a handful of resources since it is a heavier operating system that gradually takes down the speed of the complete server ecosystem. 

Although both Linux Dedicated Server and Windows Dedicated Server are loaded with exceptional features, the Linux Dedicated Server surely rolls out a few more convenient and efficient features for a smoother experience. From cost to scalability to customizability, the Linux-based servers are a popular server OS for all business websites. However, Windows is equally popular for its widespread usage, ease of usage and the mark of Microsoft’s reliability.

Thus, the choice of the operating system for your Dedicated Server depends upon your specific needs. If you need an affordable, fast, light-weight, customizable OS that can support multiple applications, you can opt for Linux Dedicated Server. However, if you need a stable, reliable, easy-to-use, familiar OS and wish to work on specific programmes like ASP and ASP.NET, then opt for Windows Dedicated Servers.