A Guide to Using Pine Straw Pine straws, auburn in color are able to bring vigor in a landscape leaving it with some like and pleasant looking. The visual point of a good garden is only a bonus. There is the possibility of the handy use of the natural mulch in the garden. Pine straw as the name suggests are from pine trees. The pine trees annually drop their needles. There is the process of raking the pine needles once they get to the ground from the pine trees. The makes the pine tree to be preferred because of its relation with environment even for landscaping and mulching material. Compaction, soil erosion, reduction of evaporation from the soil only occur if the straws are correctly in the right manner. The pine straws are able to protect plants in cold regions, keep the plant around at a stable condition. The shallowness of new plants makes them a number one beneficially of this pine straws. Decaying soil benefits from pine straws. Pine straws are different in various regions and their coverage is dependent on bale size and application depth.
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Pine straws should be applied annually. For a landscape to look good, applying the pine straw application should be done twice a year.
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During pine straw application you might want a pair of gloves. Gloves are supposed to enable one to manage the pine straw needles. Applying the pine straws is easy. This is done by removing the ties in the bales and taking handfuls of the pine straw and shuddering them on the area to be covered. Maintaining only the intended covered area should be done so with pine straws. Pine Straws are Decorative. They stop weed from growing and improve the beauty of a yard that has ground cover. It is recommended that a six inch thickness is advisable. Covering an area that has a shadow is not important. When it is decided that pine straws are used to decorate this is good because sitting areas and walkways are lined. Shrubs, Gardens and Trees Pine straws can be linked to the plants drip line. The pine straws have to be kept far off from base plants, shrubs and tree trunks. Barks of trees are protected from rodents if pine straws are applied using this suggestion. For a fresh look, add in new pine straws to the old ones any time in the year. Finally, when the pine straw needles are breaking down the soil is slightly acidified. This makes the straw a very good mulch for landscaping plants the evergreens, trees and shrubs.