Actually there are four simple ways to do it, which is covering the body, using mosquito repellent, keeping yourself indoors, and eradicating the places where dengue mosquitoes breed.

1. Choose the Right Clothes

The easiest thing that makes mosquitoes come and bite the human body is exposure to the skin that is open and not covered by clothes. That is why, using closed clothes is the first step to avoid mosquito bites that have the potential to spread dengue. So make sure to always wear a hat, long sleeve shirt, and long pants when you go outdoors.

You can also take further precautionary steps by using synthetic insecticides such as permethrin on clothing. In fact, some clothes also have the content of the drug so that when you wear it there will be no insects approaching. This is important, especially for those of you who like camping or regularly doing outdoor sports.

Clothes equipped with permethrin can remain protective after several washing times. Even so, make sure to check product information so you know how long the protection will last. Remember, permethrin is only a drug used on clothing, not your skin.

2. Choosing and Using Mosquito Coils

Furthermore, also use a lotion or anti-buffer cream on the exposed skin so as not to be bitten by mosquitoes. In choosing and using mosquito repellent, be sure to always read and understand the instructions for using the drug so that the results can be effective in protecting yourself from dengue mosquito bites. This is important, especially for children and pregnant women.

When you choose an insect repellent to apply to your skin, be sure to look for the active ingredient DEET or picaridin. DEET and picaridin provide the best protection against mosquito bites, DEET is usually the material that is most easily found in anti-mosquito repellent.

3. Reduce Activities in Risks

Furthermore, an easy way to avoid mosquito bites is to remain indoors with air conditioning or in a place equipped with gauze or also use buzzbgone to kill mosquitoes. That way, mosquitoes and other insects will not enter and the room will be free from the threat of DHF.

However, if you live in a house that does not have air conditioning or nets on doors and windows, be sure to always use mosquito repellent and sleep inside the mosquito net. Mosquito nets are the right solution to protect yourself from exposure to mosquito bites, especially if you often go outdoors.

4. Clean the area around the house

Finally, don’t forget to always prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard. Mosquitoes lay eggs in puddles, so be sure to always clean puddles around the house. Don’t forget to always drain the bathtub at least once every 3 days.

Also consider all types of containers that have the potential to become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, such as containers for drinking pets, trash cans, buckets, flower pots, play equipment, and any objects that collect water. To eradicate mosquitoes that like to roam trash cans, don’t forget to spray your trash can regularly using insecticides.