PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file extension that is developed by Adobe Systems in the 1990s. There are two reasons why Adobe invented the portable document format. The first reason is that they want everyone to be able to open the document on a hardware. The second reason is that they want the document to have the same appearance regardless of where it is opened.

PDF is the most popular format used in ebooks, brochures, scanned documents, and online forms. The file can be used to contain not just text and image, but also videos and interactive buttons. PDF has a plain and simple layout that looks like book. They are designed for people to download to read book on the PC or tablet. The layout is the same no matter where you open the PDF. However, nowadays, people can also use password to encrypt PDF to prevent strangers from accessing the important information inside.

On Windows, if you click on a PDF file, it will automatically open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, many people prefer to turn to alternative PDF viewers because Adobe Acrobat is slow. This is the case especially when the PDF which you want to open is big. Your computer could jammed if you use Adobe Acrobat to read the PDF. Many people are not aware that they can open a PDF file by dragging and dropping it in a new tab opened in the browser such as Chrome, and Firefox. Paintshop Pro, which is a free image editor that comes preinstalled on Windows, can also be used to view and edit PDF documents.

Many of the free PDF viewers that you can download online do not provide editing features. You will need to purchase a commercial PDF editor like Movavi PDF Editor if you frequently edit PDF. The pdf editor for windows allows you to perform all your PDF editing in the Edit Object mode. If you want to copy some text/image to another page, just select it and press the copy button to copy it; after that, when you want to paste it, just press the paste button.

If there is an image that you want to extract, you can select the image and then press the Append as new file button to add the image as a new page. It is also a handy tool for filling forms. It can open fillable forms with checkboxes, option boxes, and blank fields. There is no need to draw any text box on the blank fields to enter the text. You can start typing in the information as soon as you place the cursor in the field.

Many people also find that they need to convert a PDF into Word so that they can open it in a word processor to edit it. However, it is not encouraged that convert the PDF into word because it will change the original formatting. On other other hand, you can convert non PDF files like images into PDF in the PDF editor. Another way to convert an image into PDF is to print it with your web browser. This method work on both Windows and Mac OS. When the print dialog opens, hit the save button. In the save dialog box, enter a name for the PDF and choose PDF as the format in the Save as type menu.

The PDF Editor also allow you to open multiple ebooks and merge them into a single PDF. You can rearrange the sequence of the ebooks by sliding them around. If there are some pages you don’t need, you can enter the edit mode to select those pages and have them deleted.