When the time for testing comes we all ask ourselves if there’s a reason not to pass it. Most of the time, testing for narcotics at work is mandatory and the punishment for being positive is getting fired. It doesn’t matter if you smoked a joint a few weeks ago or you do cocaine every single day, chances to fall on the test are real.  

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the things you must know prior to the narcotics test. Read on, and learn all you need to know! 

Is there a place for concern? 

Most of the drugs we take don’t last too long. For example, a line of cocaine will most likely disappear in 3-4 days and after a week no one will know you did it. However, if you do this every day for 10 days in a row, you’ll need much more than just a week to be clean. The point is that our body tends to clean itself from toxins but it also accumulates it and excessive use can cause the body to have a harder time cleaning itself. 

If you’re wondering what’s with some of the other narcotics aside from the cocaine, then you should know that heroin has the same half-time as the first one. Methamphetamine stays for about 3 days, and THC is present from 3 to 30 days depending on the quality and the quantity you took. These numbers all address to light use – not more than 3 times a week. Learn more about the history and origins of narcotics here

Those who spend a lot more time with any of the drugs will definitely have a harder time removing the substances from themselves. Research shows that obsessive marijuana users can still be tracked down after three months even though they stopped smoking. The particles are still visible in the urine after 90 days which absolutely amazing. 

All this means that if you had one shot 2 months ago, you have nothing to worry about, but if you made a blast with a ton of cocaine last weekend, it’s better if you do something about it.  

How does the testing works? 

Urine testing is very simple. You place your sample into a cup and the specialist takes that sample into a special machine that provides the results of everything you have inside yourself at the moment. That’s why a lot of women pass the test without a problem but get a bigger shock when the doctor tells them they are pregnant. Yes, drugs do a lot of things, increasing the sexual desire and forgetting about the consequences being some of them. 

The results come very quickly after you get a list of things your urine has at the moment. Most of them are normal and everyone has them, but if you find some of the banned narcotics inside, then we have bad news for you. 

What can you do to pass the test 100{f60ff35218f2e0aa0ed2cadb7a91be325648cbd43fe4cf9db7702ecb4144d771}? 

There are several ways to fight the urine test. Depending on how long ago you took the drug, and how often did you do it before that, that’s how difficult it will be to get rid of it.  

If you just had a weekend fun and your test is next week, all you have to do is drink more water and exercise to be sure the doctors won’t find anything. If you did a little more then it’s wise to take some of the detoxification solutions that are being sold everywhere around us. How does this work? 

Our body has a natural instinct to get everything out through the urine that is not of any use for it. Of course, the only things the body need is water and healthy foods containing all the minerals, proteins, etc. Narcotics are definitely not a useful material and the kidneys will do anything in their power to process it until it’s completely gone. 

The problem is, they can only do so much. Their process takes time. Taking some of the detox solution being sold on the market will make this process faster and more effective. They are made of special chemicals that push the limits of the kidneys and with it providing a clean sheet.  

Another last-minute solution is called false urine. We’ve all seen this in the movies how easy it’s done, but switching a sample is not as easy as it looks in reality. There are so many issues and concern here. Long story short would be that trying to take someone else’s sample as your own will most probably get you caught. See this example link to learn more about it: https://cleardrugtests.com/quick-fix-urine-review/ 

A much better option is getting false urine. What is this? That’s a solution made to look, feel, and smell like normal human urine but it actually is just water and a few chemicals inside that make it look like real urine.  

The urine testing machine is using these solutions for calibrating the machine so you know that you can’t go wrong with it. It’s completely safe and there’s no way to mix with someone else’s sample. Still, before using it you must read the prescription first. There are a few issues that might incriminate you if you don’t follow the exact rules. Might be silly but the technician will understand that something’s not right if you get the urine on room temperature. Why? Because our body keeps everything inside on a temperature of almost 100 degrees and you can’t provide a sample that’s 75.   


Follow this advice and you’ll be just fine. The drug tests performed at work are nonsense anyway. Why would you punish anyone if they do their job? However, rules are rules and everyone must obey them. Not getting caught is the objective here so before you do anything that might get you fired, try some of these ideas before you go and take the test.