One trend that is very influential on the future of SEO is google search using voice. This feature is very helpful for internet users who want to find information through Google search without having to type. Google will record your voice and other audio a few seconds after you tap the microphone icon in the search field and say the command “Ok Google”. Google users will experience two-way communication that makes it more personal and in real time can help users get the information they want. However, is SEO ready with this new search feature?


Algorithms are fundamental to a search engine. An algorithm is a draft calculation procedure that is carried out step by step to automate a process. In Google’s system there are several algorithms installed to process data for each web page. Some process links, onpage, content, popularity, and so on. This algorithm will rank each page according to the query entered by the searcher. Currently known algorithms include caffeine, MED algorithm, Panda, Penguin, and many more.

One algorithm update made by Google is Google Hummingbird. The algorithm update brings changes to the semantic data processing. This algorithm not only processes word for word, but tries to understand the desires of internet users of all the words entered. The goal of Google Hummingbird is that matching pages are better than matching pages with only a few words. The Hummingbird algorithm began to be used by Google on August 7 years ago.

So, does the Hummingbird logarithm cause a decrease in the number of visitors to your website? Are these signs that SEO will no longer be used? No, SEO isn’t dead yet. It’s just that you need to pay attention to what needs to be adjusted. In reality nothing has changed with the principles of SEO and there are no official instructions issued by Google on how to optimize a website to be search engine friendly. And the core problem is still the same, Google wants you to create quality content. Google Hummingbird only allows Google to process searches in new ways and hope for the better.