Every day maybe you often open the website. When reading this article, you read it on a website. Based on the technology, the website is divided into two. There are static websites and dynamic websites. The difference can be seen from the page display later. For beginners, it might be confused to distinguish between these two types of websites. Therefore we will briefly review the differences between static and dynamic web.

Site Changes

For static websites it’s difficult to make changes. If you want to change the site, you have to change the whole web page. For dynamic websites, the process of changing sites is easier. Because you don’t need to change the whole a site and it can be done quickly.

Website Visitors

On a static website, visitors can only see and access cash on the website. Usually a static website only contains a few pages. Sometimes there is a page. It contains only simple pictures and writing. Looks less interactive. While dynamic website visitors can do various things. For example changing the appearance or content of the site, customize and others. What is clear visitors can log into the website.

Making Process

Static web making process easier and faster. The programming language used is very simple. Unless you want to build a website with many pages. For dynamic websites the manufacturing process is more complicated. Only the programming expert can make it. Sometimes to make a site, it takes a long time.

Website Function

The basic difference between the static web and dynamic web is further from the function of the web. Static Web is often used for web product sales, company profiles, and many others. Whereas dynamic web has many functions. Can be used for online shops, social sites. News portals, blogs, and many others. On dynamic sites, visitors can log in, fill in comments, shop or look for things.

Web Size


Static web has a smaller size, therefore faster access. For dynamic web has a larger size, because the programming used is larger and sometimes requires a longer loading.

Programming Languages

The programming language on the static web uses CSS or HTML. While dynamic websites use ASP, HTML, Css, javascript and PHP. Servers for dynamic websites are more and more complicated.

Website Design

Static web has a simple design, because it only uses the CSS or HTML programming language. The design variations are indeed limited, it even looks like an old website. For dynamic websites the design is more modern and cool. You can add a variety of displays to make it more interesting. For example adding animation, writing and others.

Many Content

Content on static web content is rarely changed, because of an information that has not changed in a long period of time. Whereas on the dynamic web, often added or updated continuously in accordance with the site owner.

There are still many differences between static and dynamic websites that you should know about. Usually the static web is used for a long time and is not updated. Use this site because it saves money; for dynamic web, every day can be changed quickly. On the static web also does not need a database while the dynamic web requires a database such as Oracle, MySQL and others. Website fivenightsatfreddys-4.com is a dynamic website.

By knowing the differences above, you will know what type of site you should create and make it easier to update your writing.