Digital transformation has become a necessity in every company. This will encourage a new shift in the way people do things. This is the main reason why continuous digital transformation must be carried out by every company.

There are so many internet users. If in the past we read the news by buying a newspaper, now we have enough access to online news media portals, or just to look at social media. Ways like this developed and caused a shift in many ways. Digital transformation is not an option to do or not, but is a configuration management tool for every business and industry.

The Main Purpose of Digital Transformation

Increasing customer and employee satisfaction and experience is the main goal of digital transformation. In a business environment, reliability and speed in doing something are important factors in the success of today’s business. By doing digital transformation using best practices, your company can reap many benefits. These benefits can be:

  • Higher sales conversions
  • Time and cost efficiency
  • Ease in getting feedback from customers
  • Speed ​​to adapt to changes, and so on.

Many startup companies outperform large companies because they have innovative ideas. The startup company aggressively seized the market. Digital transformation can be useful for your company to secure your business.
Digital transformation means that your company has more adequate visibility of customers. With the customer’s visibility, the company can do an analysis (and can even be done automatically). Then the results of the analysis can be discussed at the management level with the results of the latest innovations. Then the idea is submitted to the developer to create new features that are beneficial for your business operations.
The company’s ability to hold these new features can provide a unique position in the business and increase competitive advantage. Companies can quickly adapt to all changes out there.

By implementing digital transformation continuously, your business performance and service will continue to improve. Furthermore, how to carry out digital transformation so that it is right on target?

DevOps As a Basis For Digital Transformation

Ease of processes in business will increase efficiency and effectiveness. Collaboration between the development team and the IT operations management team in the company is an important factor in carrying out sustainable digital transformation. This is the intent and purpose of working patterns with the DevOps approach.

To create new features, the IT environment in the company must be able to synergize properly. Every new feature that will be in the title, requires testing. If a few years ago the test was carried out in the developer part of the system environment and often causes problems when these changes are run. And not a few companies are doing the digital transformation from the Beginning.

Now, this test can be done directly on a running system without causing damage to the system. By providing collaborative facilities between the development team and the IT operational team, coding errors and system failures can decrease dramatically. The synergy between departments is increasing. Applications and services are getting better quality. I suggest visiting the website if you need a consultation about DevOps as your business solution.

In carrying out digital transformation, strategic planning must be prepared in advance. The more rapid technological developments, changes in everything can happen. DevOps is an absolute requirement in implementing digital transformation in your company. So your company can more quickly adapt to change.