Now, developed a simple energy consumption and CO2 emission calculator that can be used free of charge.

Starting with the anxiety of finding a tool to calculate energy consumption and CO2 emissions that is easy to use, the team developed this program.

This energy and CO2 emission calculator program is in the form of a simple table that can be used online to calculate energy consumption and CO2 emissions, after we use various modes of transportation or household appliances.

Users only need to enter data in the time and distance columns to find out their energy consumption and the amount of CO2 emissions they produce.

In the main column there is a list of various types of electronic devices (for household calculators) or various transportation equipment (for transportation calculators) that we normally use every day, from air conditioners, cell phone chargers, refrigerators, private cars, city buses, to the washing machine.

All modes of transportation and electronic devices have energy consumption standards in BTU units (British Thermal Units).

For example if we use air conditioner for one hour, we will consume energy equivalent to 171 BTU. The same way we can apply to calculate energy consumption in transportation modes. For example, if we ride a gasoline-powered car as far as 1 km, the energy we consume is equivalent to 2218 BTU.

By calculating energy consumption, we can also calculate the amount of energy we need (in liters and kilograms) to produce that energy.

From here, we then look for data on emissions resulting from the use of every liter or each kilogram of each energy source. With a simple calculation, it is found the amount of CO2 emissions make by an energy source.

The result is a simple energy consumption and CO2 emission calculator that can be used easily and free every day. You can use both calculators here .

By using this calculator, we can using energy. Every energy we use contributes to CO2 emissions – greenhouse gases that trigger environmental pollution, global warming and climate change.

This calculator is still under development. Your input means a lot to us. Thank you for using the Energy and CO2 Emissions Calculator.