When you are using your Facebook Messenger or browsing any website, where you are allowed to send messages and post comments, do you usually receive automated replies? And then, there are also times, when you want to have a chat with the customer service, you will notice that questions are raised every after a selected option as your answer. When you encountered such things online, then it means that you have already experienced an interaction with a Chatbot. Indeed, they are smart enough and talks as if you were having a conversation with another human.  

Actually, using a Chatbot would be very helpful and beneficial both for the business industry and consumers. If you are going to think about it, simulating conversation is not that easy. Every word is precise and comes naturally because these were programmed as an AI or artificial intelligence software. Companies, who have not yet integrated this smart idea in their marketing strategy may visit https://smartbotmarketers.com to discuss about how machines will be used in their system. I supposed, you are aware that consumers spend most of their time online. So, what will you do to earn viewers and turn them as potential customers? 

If your marketing strategy is to only spool your viewers with facts, opinions and information, then that is not enough. I guess, you also have blogs, videos, coupons and vouchers. But, consumers are always looking for something new and a more advanced way of attachment with your products and services. That’s why your marketing specialist must be able to figure out what interests them. Today, using a Chatbot is trending because consumers are hooked up with social media applications. Therefore, incorporate this smart system as one of the featured services of your company or business. 

Brief Description 

IT experts like computer programmers, developers and designers have joined forced to come up with an AI-based system like machines. Fortunately, there are now ways of making your own Chatbots even without programming skills. Though the downside is that, you will still need programmers when this system fails.  

This software enables a sender and a receiver to simulate a chat through stand-alone or mobile applications, telephone and web-based applications when connected to the Internet. Anyway, this software applications are also known as conversational agents. For this reason, they perform the traditional roles of customer service representatives. This only shows that these machines are designed to imitate spoken as well as human speeches.  

Usually, you just find humans and robots communicating verbally in movies. Now that it has been made real, consumers accepted it because of its amazing function. It is true that this system is made out of formulating questions and answers. Still, the way how consumers respond to this system is exceptional.  

How it works 

Do you know how these machines work? At the core of its system are two tasks – the user request analysis and returning a response. As a human being, who is communicating with a machine, the response will always be based on your input or question. It actually looks like a very simple process, right? The user request analysis is performed by analyzing the input request, which is used for identifying the intent of the human as well as extracting relevant objects from it. The machine will filter your input and sends you an output that matches what is in its database. Find out more on the limitations of the analysis in different platforms. 

For example, you have a company that sells mobile load for prepaid users. You must have a format for this to make it easier for the machine to understand. Let’s say that you have to type the word load and then, mobile number followed by the amount. When the right format was followed, you may proceed to the next step, which is the billing. But if your input is wrong, then it will send you an automated message that the format was invalid and it will give you the correct one. This is just a very simple process that Chatbots do.  

What if it has to understand a complicated input? Expect the machine to provide you a generic or predefined response, retrieved messages, related pieces of information or data and disambiguated questions to help the machine understand a human’s request. These bots may be intelligent, but if a human will not make his point clear, then this may lead to confusion. Therefore, you may think that this machine is not really helpful. In my opinion, human beings must learn to do the right input to avoid inconvenience and discomfort. 

Text Classifiers 

The machine segregates your input. For example, you have an input asking the price of a product, “How much is the Cinderella book?” The machine have counted that you have six words, which it needs to check from its database.  

Let’s say that you are selling books and you keywords or tags, such as “how much” and “Cinderella” as the book title. It will later on send a reply like “$5.00”. If this machine has other functions, then it could be about checking the availability, billing and shipping of the book. 

The NLP 

To fully understand the conversation, IT experts apply the Natural Language Processing or NLP. Go to https://becominghuman.ai/a-simple-introduction-to-natural-language-processing-ea66a1747b32 for further reading. Anyway, it is a very important element that serves as a brain for machines to understand the conversation with the human beings. It’s like without this skill, the machine would find it difficult to decode the input and process it to be able to give back a reply.  

There are a few NLP elements that IT experts applied in creating, designing and programming a smart machine. We have the NER or Name Entity Recognition, which is used in recognizing and identifying names.  

They also use the OCR or Optical Character Recognition that determines the text from images. While the Speech Recognition is used for recognizing speeches and converting it to text. Lastly, the Sentiment Analysis, which is very useful in the business industry because here, the comments were used as insights for better business possibilities.