The growth of the logistics business sector is increasing steadily. This condition is characterized by the growing number of expedition services that emerge and compete with each other. To win the competition some expedition services offer a cheap lure to the consumer. However, not a few shipping service providers prioritize aspects of service rather than giving a cheap price.

However, obtaining an affordable and optimum service of expeditions is not an impossible thing. Yes, these two benefits will be obtained when making one of the European logistics companies, Tecdis as a business partner to manage the delivery of consumer goods. Besides the economical price and excellent service, there are still benefits using freight forwarding services from Tecdis.

Some of these benefits include:

Wide range of operational areas

Tecdis is one of the expedition services that have a wide operational area. This expedition service is ready to deliver your consumer order goods to almost all parts of Indonesia. Even more so, this expedition service also serves the delivery of goods to foreign countries.

This wide range of operational areas is proof of Tecdis’s credibility in the field of freight delivery. Because of the high credibility, you do not have to worry about the delivery of goods. Because the expedition service provider has a professional courier that commits to working. 

Thus, the goods up to the address of the destination and accepted consumers well are the priorities of the company Tecdis.

24 Hours customer service available

As a manifestation of Tecdis’s commitment to consumers, the expedition service provides 24-hour customer service. Through this service, you will be easy to monitor the status of shipment goods at any time. Not only that, customer service officers are also always willing to answer your questions regarding this expedition service by sympathetic.

Therefore, information about the status of goods delivery and various services of Tecdis can be obtained clearly. If you want to feel the benefits of using freight forwarding services, then you can access the Tecdis official website to get contact with customer service. You can ask questions or complaints in two ways by phone or email.

Provide car rental service

Not only moving in the field of freight services, but Tecdis also provides other services that are still related to the field of logistics.

Serving the need for moving goods

Delivery of goods is indeed the main service provided by Tecdis to consumers. However, in addition to the delivery of freight forwarding services also provide vehicle rental services and transfer of goods. If you do not want to bother and drain a lot of energy to manage the moving of goods, then you can use the services of this expedition.

High credibility in delivering goods

The benefits of using other Tecdis shipping expedition services that you will get are the high credibility of this company. The main reason for this expedition service has high credibility in the eyes of consumers is because the delivery service is always optimal. Thus, it is not surprising that the services of this expedition also have several major corporate partners such as Rhenus Lupprians.