Are gyrocopters worth the investment?

After being slightly forgotten for a couple of decades, gyrocopters are coming back to grace. What makes them a perfect mean of transportation, especially if you leave in a hardly reachable place?

Invented in 1923 by Juan de la Cuerva, gyrocopter quickly became the new hit. Used mostly by the army pilots, it gained a reputation of a quick mean of transport, which is extraordinarily safe. Some experts even predict that gyrocopters (or their modernized versions) could replace the cars in the future. The megacities inhabitants, who have to deal with traffic jams on a daily basis, would surely welcome this solution with open arms.

Gyrocopters can be a great mean of transport as well as significant support for many branches of business and social services. Farmers can use it in agriculture to spread the substances over the crops. It’s also unbeatable when it comes to serving as a modern ambulance or a police car. The way this aerial vehicle is built allows it to fly many kilometers without refilling the can. It can also go relatively fast remaining efficient – moving at the same speed, its usage of fuel can be reduced by 90{ad054a9579b37b759532b76c18217639bbcdeb79413dacf215a5f65abbca0105} comparing to the helicopter. 

Gyrocopters – when they are worth the investment?

There are few cases in which the usage of the gyrocopters will be a great convenience as well as the decision leading to the reduction of costs. First of all, when you are the head of entrepreneurship in one of the sectors mentioned above. These machines are especially great when it comes to surveillance – it allows a detailed and safe observation from above.

Another option is having a company related to tourism in less accessible areas. Using gyrocopters reduces the costs generated by helicopter. This aerial vehicle is more likely to be used when getting to places, that are cut off from the world. However, it’s autogyro, which costs less and is relatively safer. Thanks to its autorotation mechanism, it is more protected from sudden accidents. You can check the detailed explanation of the machine’s mode of action on

Gyrocopters can be chosen as personal transport as well. Receiving the license to navigate them is not that difficult as it can be with other aerial vehicles. The training is very similar so if you already hold a plane or helicopter license, it’ll be a piece of cake. When using the gyro, it is easy to feel completely safe. You can fly it also during nighttime. Some companies offer also float versions that allow accessing places by the sea or lake.