Maybe you still want to keep your old style. Still comfortable with the clothes now, but want more elegant again. Do not worry, without having to buy expensive new clothes you have a way to look different: the secret, scarf. You can find awesome scarf on

This versatile fabric has many forms, such as square scarf and long scarf. Here tips on how to tie a scarf that you can follow to be different in every event. Do you want to hang out? Want to travel? Want to climb the mountain? Dating same boyfriend? Or want to go to the office? You can follow the following tips. Check it out okay.

  1. Anxious look tomboy when driving? Scarf with Maddox style can make you look feminine.

Style scarf for you who like to ride a motorcycle

Style scarf for you who like to ride the motor via

Being a biker girl can make you lose your feminine impression. The reason, maybe you prefer to wear a thick jacket and men’s style to be more comfortable when driving. Not infrequently this makes you labeled a tomboy. wait, do not be sad. Now it is not impossible to look beautiful while driving, how you only need to use a floral quadrilateral scarf. How to wear it is easy too.

First, you fold the fabric into the same triangle shape. Then cross the end of the triangle at the neck, and drag it back again. Let sticking out at the edges. Ready!

  1. To look fancy you do not have to wear jewelry. A rectangular Scarf with Napoleon style can make you more elegant.

Style scarf for you who want to go to office

For the girls, appearing fancy sometimes synonymous with dress and jewelry. Though it is no longer a guide. Currently you can try to look elegant in a different way, just simply use a fancy patterned rectangular scarf on your neck. Easy way, first you fold the scarf into the same triangle, then fold again up to 7 cm. Then, tie on the neck in the side position.

The way of binding is also not careless, first you put the left side above the right. Then you enter the left side at the base of the bond, and pull it slowly. To be more neat, you can pin a small pin on the back. Well, your scarf is so! This style you can use to go to the office or official events. No wonder, this way you can look more elegant.

  1. Shown gracefully though wearing t-shirts is not so impossible. Condition, you use a long scarf with Allure style.

Style scarf for you who want to look elegant

T-shirts are already an integral part of our daily lives. But the frequent use of t-shirts sometimes makes you lose the graceful aura that has been stored. But wait, now is not impossible to look elegant even wearing only T-shirts. Condition, you only need to use a long scarf with Allure style. This style you can apply when you use tight T-shirts.

Way, hold the scarf with the position backward, then cross and pull again forward. After that, trim the front neck for more loose. Then let your scarf cover your chest. With this style, guaranteed you will look more graceful even if you only wear a plain shirt. Dare to try? Time for you to be different!

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