A Flashlight That Can Survive Fishing with Me

I love to fish and will do it any time of the day. I don’t mind going out at night to fish, because I can get some good catches in when the sun goes down, and the air is cooler. Although I love it, I don’t like when my flashlight falls in the water while fishing. The water always ruins my flashlights and I have to fish them out of the water and buy a new one. I figured if I couldn’t stop myself from dropping my flashlights, I could at least get a waterproof flashlight that would be able to withstand taking a dip in the water.

I did some searching to find the right flashlight for my purposes, and picked a nice waterproof one based on recommendations. The flashlight cost a little more than the flashlights that I used to buy, but I am willing to pay more for items that won’t break from water exposure. The flashlights I normally just turn on and off, but the new flashlight I purchased can do that, and use a strobe ability that causes the light to rapidly blink that can be used to signal for help. I don’t think I’ll be using that much, but it’s a nice option to have.

The first time that I went fishing with the new flashlight, I dropped my flashlight in the water accidentally while reeling in a fish. I was able to pull the flashlight out of the water, and it continued to work for the rest of the night. I’m amazed at how well the flashlight works, and it looks like I have one that will last a lifetime. I didn’t get a rechargeable model, but I do have rechargeable batteries that I can use over and over without buying new ones to power it.