5 Types of natural stone that are widely used in Modern minimalist house

Almost all contemporary minimalist houses use natural stone for the completion process. Besides giving a natural atmosphere, natural stone can also beautify the look of the house.

It is quite expensive when compared to ceramic or wallpaper. But do you know? Finishing the house with natural stone can increase the selling value of your house!

There are many types of natural stone to choose from. If you are still confused to use what kind to beautify your home, you can use Amber Tiles service to design your home floor with the best type of natural stone and according to your interests, you can also visit https://www.ambertiles.com.au/ for further information. 

It would be good if you know the reviews about some of the natural stone types below.

Marble Stone

In the past, marble was widely used in luxury homes to coat the floor, bathroom area, or kitchen table. But the more here, marble stones are widely used as a wall to make the house look clean and elegant. Quiet, the original marble price is quite expensive.

But now you can get easier to find artificial marble at a more has a cheap price. If you choose to use the original marble, you should use it for interior, because marble has fragile properties when exposed to rain and heat.

Andesite Stone

One type of natural stone is being the most popularly used for the interior and exterior of a minimalist home. Why do you use it for home exterior?

The stone coming from the volcano has the loudest nature compared to other stones, making it more durable. Although it is only black and grey, andesite Stone has a variety of motives, ranging from the groove, burn, abstract, to the structure of betel.

Stone Times

Stone times also widely used as the foundation of the building. Stone type times are also commonly applied to wall exterior, fences, ponds, pillars, or dry garden ornaments.

The color of the stone times there is many kinds, ranging from black, gray, Brown, even purple. Interestingly, stone times can be easily found, and the price is relatively cheap.

Granite Stone

Granite stone color tends to be bright so it can embellish building interiors. The average granite stone has a bright color like a pinkish light gray. Its bright color creates a natural and sunny impression on the interior of the house.

Maintenance is quite easy because the granite stone has small pores so it is not easy to absorb stains. But the granite stone price is relatively expensive, and the installation is quite difficult because it is quite heavy.

Temple Stones

temple Stones is a basic ingredient of making temples or stupas of a long time ago, but it does not mean this stone is not suitable for a minimalist house. The dark blackish color precisely gives a natural impression and cool shades.

The price is also quite cheap compared to other natural stones. Unfortunately, the stone of the temple stones tends to be easily mossy so you have to diligently clean it.

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