Holidays to Maldives are often done by tourists. Maldives offers exceptional natural beauty. The entire tourist site is surrounded by vast stretches of white sand beaches. No one wants to miss the beauty of the Maldives and visit some of the destinations.

Maldives has an attraction that can make tourists willing to do anything for this vacation. One of the attractions possessed by the Maldives is the best tourist attractions and beautiful scenery. The following are tourist attractions that you must try in Maldives.

1. Meradhoo Island

Meradhoo Island is a tourist attraction that is often visited by tourists. Some interesting places that can be visited when on Meradhoo Island are lodging places, and beach tourism. Meradhoo Island has the best villas on the coast such as Raffles Maldives. Beach Villa Maldives is one of the accommodation that deserves to be your vacation stay choice.

2. HP Reef and Manta Points

The HP Reef and Manta Points are protected areas since this place has amazing coral reef formations. The area is also filled with colorful fish and manta rays that surround the large coral. Although protected, this place is still open to the public with strict guarding.

3. Banana Reef

Visiting Banana Reef will be an unforgettable experience. Banana Reef is the best diving location in the Maldives. It shapes like a banana with a length of 300 meters. Diving in Banana Reef is really fun because you can see the beautiful underwater scenery.

4. Cocoa Island

Want to swim in exotic beaches? Visit cocoa island. The beach has clear water and white sand. The waves are not too big, so tourists can swim in a calm atmosphere. On the cocoa island, you can also do scuba diving. When you feel tired, you can relax by the beach or enjoy a culinary tour.

5. Biyadhoo Island Resort

If you visit the Maldives do not forget to visit Biyadhoo Island Resort, which is famous as the best coral houses in the Maldives islands. Many interesting activities can be done there ranging from snorkeling, diving, and other water sports.