You might not be aware that you have failed in your education, graduating from school is not your criterion to fail or succeed in education. You are a failure when you cannot practice the knowledge you get during your school in daily life, and you are said to be successful when the knowledge you gain can be very useful for many people. At British International School Thailand, not only provides formal knowledge, but also provides personality education that will make you successful in the future.

Well, to get to the point, what are the causes of these failures?

1. Too afraid of failure

In life, it is very natural if we have a fear of something, but we need to avoid that fear, especially in education. The fear most often experienced by students is “failure in the exam”, thus makes us not concentrate and focus.

The exam is not a thing to be feared, just think it simple. If we want to pass the exam, the thing we need to do is study hard, it’s simple but sometimes we make it complicated.

2. The rank is the number one point, without thinking about the quality

The ranking is a particular reference in education, so it is not uncommon for students to compete for high rankings. Nothing wrong, if we want to pursue high rankings. But sometimes when we want to get the highest, we forget the quality and the true meaning of education, that is seeking knowledge, not looking for rank. Finally what happens is we get a high ranking, but not getting knowledge.

3. Have not tried but have given up

Giving up might be a choice for people who are lazy to try, but no reason to not get up again. For students when they faced a problem, instead of trying to solve the problem but makes it even more complicated by saying “Hard”.

When we say “Hard”, then surely we will be lazy to think, and automatically that knowledge will not be able to enter well in our minds.

4. Lazy

Lazy is the biggest enemy that exists in humans. Defeating lazy is indeed not easy, but if lazy continue to be maintained. Then you are guaranteed not to be successful. In education, a great intention is needed, no matter how difficult the lessons are when we have big intentions that will be. But no matter how easy the lesson is when our intentions are gone, then we will never be.

5. Only love the easy subjects

Often when learning we only like easy lessons, without wanting to learn the development of the material. In learning, we must deepen the material, not just learn the basic material.

If we only learn the easy, then what happens is that science will not be able to develop in our minds, so that we are just at the same level in education.