As we all continue to understand that our web activities and marketing strategies in a web design company are interlinked, the connection between advertisers and developers is rising constantly.

While this marriage is important to a successful online operation, if the two parties don’t understand each other’s position, interest, and method, it can lead to some irritation and speed bumps along the road.

You may have witnessed this in the past; you send to your development team all the details that you have thoroughly placed together, assuming everybody knows what aspects will need to adjust when we go forward.

Instead, you obtain the developed product that has been created and it’s not what you’ve expected or even done.

Now you go back to development with more details about the missing pieces only to be greeted with apparent disappointment and push back because they “delivered what was needed and what you are then demanding is a HUGE change that requires a full re-code.”

Below are the Top 3 Myths Marketers Believe About What Developers Actually Do

1. Development doesn’t require much planning.

Most people think developers should take a concept and simply start writing code that will turn the idea into a software.

The confusion also contributes to unrealistic timetables and scale assumptions.

A developer must always understand the purpose, aim, and meaning of such a concept before going to work, which will direct him in the most effective ways to handle its development.

Even then, only to demand a developer to “Go! Code!” which is impossible.

There are so many ways to model the design and it takes time to sit back and think.

2. The little details just work themselves out.

This is one of the most ill-advised concepts about what developers do at a web design company in Dubai.

Information linked to your project, what the objective is or, indeed, something absent from the details you provide is important from the start because each software aspect has to be designed line by line.

One small detail from a development point of view may result in a complete shift in approach.

To explain, if someone was sitting at a computer telling you to “write something!” you might have some questions.

And if you were challenged to simply change one aspect of it after you’d published your masterpiece with all these questions answered, you might not be able to fix it without beginning all over.

It is because you’ve placed elements that contribute to that information they want to erase that without it no longer work. That doesn’t feel natural anymore.

Therefore, development and programming are similar.

3. Once a developer launches the site, traffic should start to pour in.

That is not the case. To start pushing your brand new website the traffic you envisage, there’s still so much more research to do after launching.

Typically this will involve a whole team of other people to market, promote, and automate the website.

Many advertisers who focus on outsourced web design company in Dubai already appreciate the advantage of having such things taken care of, but here are some suggestions for those of you who will do it by themselves:

“Google isn’t finding my website!”

A sitemap and a crawl request must be sent through their search console for Google to know that your website exists. Here’s a great article to better get you going with Google Search Console.

What about SEO?

Even after you have sent everything to Google, as you check for one of the business terms, you may still not end up on the first or even the second page with search results. If you haven’t set out a solid plan for this, the scores will be very difficult to raise. Once, this is something you might want to study and sometimes you need to do a little bit more investment.

All the SEO and preparation in the world may not be enough for the super competitive market segments and an online paid media strategy may be needed to help advertise your website and improve your place on those search results pages.


Now that you have learned a little bit more about our method, it may save you from additional uncomfortable situations and encourage a healthy overall culture. It is a perfect time— through the moment— to reach out to someone in your development team to pick their brain before any project starts.

Not only will this intervention provide you with the resources you need from the very beginning to get the right kind of details, but it will also allow you the opportunity to convey the internet and accelerate the result with the buy-in you will receive.