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Every day maybe you often open the website. When reading this article, you read it on a website. Based on the technology, the website is divided into two. There are static websites and dynamic websites. The difference can be seen from the page display later. For beginners, it might be confused to distinguish between these two types of websites. Therefore we will briefly review the differences between static and dynamic web.

Site Changes

For static websites it’s difficult to make changes. If you want to change the site, you have to change the whole web page. For dynamic websites, the process of changing sites is easier. Because you don’t need to change the whole a site and it can be done quickly.

Website Visitors

On a static website, visitors can only see and access cash on the website. Usually a static website only contains a few pages. Sometimes there is a page. It contains only simple pictures and writing. Looks less interactive. While dynamic …

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Quick Branding Tactics with Influencer Marketing Program

Marketing program is a relatively easy, inexpensive, and very effective strategy for branding your products via Instagram . Brand awareness can up at the same time.

And who would have thought, marketing through programs can even be used as a channel for product launching .

This tactic is commonly called influencer marketing . According to StarNgage data in 2017, 50% of internet users in Indonesia use Instagram, and that means 48 million people use the social media Instagram platform.

Not only that, 74% of customers rely on social media in making buying decisions. Followers are also more engaged (communicative) with celebrity accounts that they follow than business accounts. By adjusting the followers of celebrities to the target market, we can “shoot” more precisely.

This is what results in a fairly high ROI number when we use marketing programs to promote our products and brands on Instagram.

This Is How Marketing Program Work

influencer marketing

With …



One trend that is very influential on the future of SEO is google search using voice. This feature is very helpful for internet users who want to find information through Google search without having to type. Google will record your voice and other audio a few seconds after you tap the microphone icon in the search field and say the command “Ok Google”. Google users will experience two-way communication that makes it more personal and in real time can help users get the information they want. However, is SEO ready with this new search feature?


Algorithms are fundamental to a search engine. An algorithm is a draft calculation procedure that is carried out step by step to automate a process. In Google’s system there are several algorithms installed to process data for each web page. Some process links, onpage, content, popularity, and so on. This algorithm will rank each page …

How Does a USB Keylogger Work?

Technology – Computer Definition

LED security lights are a shining instance of how far we have come since Thomas Edison flipped the switch to brighten that first light bulb. LED lights specifically are altering technology, and in methods that can improve our world and the ways we illuminate it. LED lights make the word brighter more efficiently than standard bulbs, and that represents simply the tip of their profit iceberg. Read under and find out how LED lights are a optimistic technological development.

Seven Types Of Technology

Synapse Interactive: An Overview Synapse Interactive is a well-known on-line advertising service provider that gives personalized services and solutions to promote a enterprise entity. It is a recognized a part of the Synapse India Group, a well-known name in providing web-based options to global purchasers.

  1. These knowledge can be used for internet frauds and extra serious felony actions.
  2. All these can be stopped

DU Screen Recorder APK Latest version free Download officially

Now you can directly download Du recorder for your smart android device. Here it takes just only a few seconds and you can try to download the latest Du recorder version directly from the internet. 

Du recorder is the best way to record your device screen. For screen recordings, now there are several apps available. Among those apps, Du recorder is the most popular application that widely compatible among worldwide users. For android users, now you can easily download the latest Du recorder apk file directly from the internet and for iOS users you country the Du recorder IPA file. 

Du recorder – The best screen recorder for android 

For your android device now you can easily download the latest Du recorder application. Among other screen recording applications, Du recorder is the best solution as it is simple, reliable, and user-friendly. So anyone can easily manage this best screen recording …

What is The Concept of Ruby Concurrency

History Of Technology

The design of the robotic should be throughout the dimensions of 25x25x25 c.m. The robotic must begin from the start space and ought to be utterly inside the start or base space earlier than beginning. The robotic’s mission is to start from the bottom area after which shifting from the valley it has to enter into the shrine zone. Here on this zone robot has to move towards the stupas, raise them and place it completely outdoors the grey square. In complete 4 gray squares shall be there and robotic need to examine each and maintain the stupa outside the grey square.

Seven Types Of Technology

In competitors, multiple packages can be downloaded to LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT brick. But individuals have to decide on and run only one program within the collaborating round. After the robotic starts no further human enter is allowed, and if any team …

How to Install Windows Live Essential Tools on Windows 7?


Intel has also included a graphics processor on the chip, that removes the need for a devoted graphics chip plus lowers energy consumption. Sony, though, has opted to utilize a loyal graphics chip here quite ?

Seven Types Of Technology

The printer will then follow up by laying down the fabric layer by layer and you will have your product! The maker motion is a movement of storage programmers, builders, and nerds to be sincere. This group of visionaries could be very a lot responsible for influencing an enormous chunk of the 3D printing trade, and making great use out of it! Some folks within the maker movement are making spare elements to their broken devices.

as the constructed-in chip is not efficient enough for performing present 3D games. Given all this, its battery ranking of three hours quarter-hour was somewhat unsatisfactory. On the other hand, the battery alone …

Technology News, Analysis, Comments And Product Reviews For It Professionals


Before you think of trying to find a enterprise to take care of your doc storage wants, maintain these in thoughts. The Few Important Awesome Things of The Technological World Introduction: Twentieth millennium is the age of Technological innovation. Technological innovation has developed by lots somewhat science has modified the dwelling fashion of the man. Technological innovation has given upon humankind excellent and tools that it’s come to be acknowledged by humanity. The superior things of science is are too many to be listed but nonetheless, some awesome issues are price referring to.

What Is Technology Meant For?

In the long run, data might be uploaded to the cloud, and work, life and entertainment might be delivered to the cloud. If you need to stay aggressive in your trade, then it’s important to form your technique by embracing technology to drive your corporation forward.

Install Free Spyware Blocker To …

Establish Your Business Using Group Buying Script

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Organizations can also work with their existing networks in order that they don’t have to spend much on creating new networks. The particular system is used for monitoring the mobile devices deployed in the group generally known as cellular device administration. Mobile Device Management answer is the top to end solution.

Types Of Technology

Activities related to time like RFI, RFP, scaling and place of responses and so on may be outsourced for saving the price. It provides in depth visibility in regards to the cell enterprises. There are a lot of features of wireless expense management system like safety indicators, alert triggers, activity patterns and so on. There are many organizations obtainable that offer these companies in order to reduce down the price. There are many service suppliers who give full surety that these systems deployed do not involve any threat.

While your IT staff and …

Hot Technologies

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s when you must start being as involved about your TV as you ought to be now about your computer. If your pc takes longer to start up, should you uncover strange, new toolbars in your browser that you simply didn?

Types Of Technology

– Human Resource Information System, a.k.a. HRIS Solutions – This is the kind of time period you obtain from marketing as opposed to phrases used above created by an IT employees. However, an argument could be made that an HRIS utility is extra comprehensive in its capabilities than an HR database however this will likely, or might not, be true as there aren’t any requirements for the phrases in our trade. – Human Resource Management System, a.k.a. HRMS Solutions – Again, as far as I can inform, this term means the identical as HRIS, or any of the other terms used above or …

Is This Antispyware Genuine Or Fake?


The structure of this temple is awesome and displays the influence of India as it’s built in Gupta structure. It consists of six sq. platforms topped by three circular platforms.

Seven Types Of Technology

Secondly he’s the one who can use applied sciences with the whole perception of the end customers’ needs, which basically are PHP, ASP, JSP, C# and ColdFusion. A good Facebook application developer besides must also have good understanding of the social networking websites and how the varied features and platforms in these websites can be used for his or her social and enterprise networking. He ought to create these apps in a way that it turns into the best medium to extend your visitors and audience.

The display screen is 7 inches of capacitive contact screen and the resolutions are 480 x 800 pixels. The display screen has been constructed with scratch resistant glass and …

Bringing Efficiency in Organizations

History Of Technology

Best quality product is supplier all the vendor in Delhi. 24*7 customer assist service can be providing a number of the corporations. Price of the product may be very affordable, it depend on what kind of product you purchase.

Types Of Technology

– Subscription Service HRIS options (additionally referred to SaaS or PEPM) – Are sometimes referred to as multi-tenanted, as many companies share the system that has been configured for general use. The software program and the info reside on servers in a secure facility, managed by the Vendor, the place you access it from a Web browser.

I would love to accept this but, in actuality, I can name a dozen HRIS functions that include the entire features listed in the HRMS utility. So now we’re again to my authentic contention that the two terms, and lots of the others, mean the exact same thing.…

Chernobyl Viruses

Technology – Computer Definition

User of this app will simply contact the keyboard within the area of intentional number or letter. A separate screen will be opened than with six greater letters or numbers in that space.

What Is Technology Meant For?

The HP C7974A LTO 4 most reliable media format with huge capacity, pace, and reliability of information with lengthy-time period preservation. Choosing Movie Making Software Making prime quality films from the comfort of your individual house has now turn into a reality. As just lately as ten years ago, home made movies seemed literally “handmade”. With the amazing advances in technology, movie making software program is now a readily affordable option for us all.

It can recover lost/formatted knowledge from varied file methods such as FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 2003 Server, XP, 2002. What’s extra, it also provides you …