You love running your business but when it comes to filling out forms and payroll you cringe, right? If this is a task that you hate doing and don’t want to hire a person to do it for you than you may be a good candidate for outsourcing your payroll. Outsourcing your payroll is not being lazy, in fact, it is being smart. Did you know that there are many benefits to outsourcing your payroll along with all of the tasks that go alone with it? Your payroll department is responsible for more than just payroll but tax codes and other forms as well. Have you seen an increase in mistakes coming from your payroll department? If so, here is just another reason you should consider outsourcing these tasks to eliminate all of the mistakes that could cost you and your company money. According to an article, with all the new tax codes and revised regulations that the payroll department has to learn each and every year, you are probably better off outsourcing the entire department. It just makes more sense to outsource your businesses payroll so that you don’t have to deal with all the aggravations that come along with new regulations and codes. Some of the items that an outsourced payroll company will take care of include: W-2 forms, overtime payments, filing deadlines, employee and contractor classifications, state unemployment taxes, tax deposits, garnishments and levies and taxable items.


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