Vape Smoking is the New Trend that You Should Know About

Smoking has always had a negative view towards non smokers, however, a newer and better form paved its way showing a more positive view, which is called vaping. This popular e-cigarette started at around 2004. Although this an alternative to the traditional smoking of cigarettes, it is not approved by the FDA.

The device for vaping has three basic parts inlcluding the battery, e-juice and the cartridge. The battery can be charged and used either automatic or manually. Even when you are traveling, you can simply charge the device as its battery comes with a port for easy charging access. This device is easy to use as all you need to do is to switch the power on button in which the atomizer is being heated up to burn the vape juice and make a vapor effect.

The atomizer is being held in the cartridge that burns the vape juice creating the vapor or vape cloud. It is usually the formation of the vape cloud that users enjoy looking at. Some cig-a-like are being sold with the cartridges already filled up, but empty cartridges are also being sold should you wish to just fill the cartridge by yourself. An empty cartridge can be a good idea if you want to mix your own vape juice.

Some people call the vape juice as e-juice or e-liquid. Any unimaginable flavors you can think of is being sold in stores for vaping such as menthol, coffee and candy flavors. A good option for tobacco smokers is the tobacco vape juice flavoring which gives that same taste but in a less harmful way.Sooner and later, the smokers will then try to explore more flavors because they are not craving anymore for the tobacco taste and smell.

There are three main ingredients in a vape juice which are nicoting, water and flavoring. Compared to the traditional cigarette, vaping is actually less harmful. You will not have to deal with carbon monoxide and other toxins.On the other hand, a vape juice can contain nicotine of different levels per user’s preference.

To get that traditional way of smoking, mini sized e-cigarettes are being sold also. A lot of heavy tobacco smokers begin with this device and later on would try to other types of e-cigarette devices.

If you would go straight to the best seller, it is most likely the vape pen. The thickness and long tube design is what makes it recognizable. A more serious user would go for the box mod as it has a long-lasting battery for more vaping experience. It is also very commn to find disposable pens.

What makes vaping appealing to many is that there is no need of using ashtrays or lighter. Also, there are places where people can vape inside and for a more fun experience, offer various vape juices for a longer session of vaping.

About 4000 thousand chemicals are present in tobacco smoking to which some of those chemicals can lead to cancer. A billion people have become smokers wherever in the world and that can potentially lead to exposure to toxic chemicals which can lead to death in the future. Vaping can be one solution to that problem.

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