Instagram is now one of the most popular social media apps among young people, adults, and even children. Instagram popularity makes people competing to get a lot of followers, the more followers get, the more proud we will be.

Having a lot of followers does have a great pride for us. Because, with many followers, indicating that we are among the people who have the most fans like an artist. Yep, formerly instagram is ideally for famous people like artist. But now it has become a social media that can be used by ordinary people like us.

So, how to add Instagram Followers?

Well, well this is the long-awaited moment, that is tutorial add followers instagram. The following way is proven to be completely safe, simple, very easy, and without having to follow others. How to add followers is the latest way I get and proven to increase followers Instgaram. What way do we use? The way we use is to rely on the official website of Instagram directly. Curious? Please follow the steps to add followers instagram follows:

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Step 1:

First, first open your account settings, make sure the Private Account Position is disabled. Actually in a private account position we can still use this way, but for maximum leverage, then I recommend turning off the private account. Oh yes, make sure also Instagram application that you guys use has been upgraded to the most recent version that can be directly downloaded here.

Step 2:

Please look in your Instagram official account. Once found, then open it and click Un-follow. yes, we un-follow the official account instagram.

Step 3:

If already in un-follow, then we Follow again. Well do follow and un-follow this many times as many times as you can afford. In a minute you can at least do it 50 times. Do if when you again no work, before sleeping, waiting for someone, etc. This is very, very safe and has been proven to increase your followers. The more you repeat, the more it will follow you. The number of followers will go up in a few minutes.

2nd Trick Add Instagram Followers without Following Latest

Step 1:

First you search one add followers. If the search results have appeared, you click the most first.

Step 2:

Next you click Follow, then open this account follow.

Step 3:

You click follow all the numbers followed. In this case suppose there are 77.

Step 4:

Wait for a few minutes. Then refresh your profile. You will see the number of followers who begin to grow little by little.

Step 5:

Please guys again open your account add followers. Then you all un-follow. Please just wait, in the next few minutes your followers will increase. Do it this way as often as possible to get more number of followers. May be useful!