Time to Research Which Cell Phone is the Perfect Cell Phone For Seniors

Does anyone else wonder why, in a world filled with millions of baby boomers and senior citizens, why printing is too small to read? From the wording on prescription bottles, to the ingredients in food products and vitamins, it’s as though the printing gets smaller and smaller. Even cell phones have the tiniest letters in their alphabet keys that one index finger covers two keys. Some cell phones are very difficult to use, and companies fail to see that many consumers simply want a phone where they can contact their loved ones when away from home, or their loved ones can contact them.

Many people don’t like to use computers, (yes, there are still people that have no understanding of them, nor do they care to), and they don’t care about sending emails by cell phone, taking photos, or recording voices. At the same time, they would like to find the perfect cell phone for seniors that’s easy to learn, and easy to use. Seniors want a phone with big numbers and letters; they want one that doesn’t cost a fortune, is easy to hear, and one where they can contact emergency numbers quick as a wink.

There are good companies that offer great plans, such as 300 minutes for $19.95. However, some of them limit how many texts a person can send, so it’s wise to research the plans and companies. Some cell phone companies also limit the amount of minutes an individual can talk on each call. Just like everyone else, senior citizens want freedom. They want freedom of choice, an easy way to pay for their minutes, freedom to talk as long as they want, plus the freedom to text however many times they want.

They don’t want to sign contracts, or have a company telling them what they can do. They have lived their lives and earned the right to speak up, or speak out, on what matters most to them. It’s high time cell phone companies give seniors the best cell phone they can, along with the best and most cost effective plans they have available.

Otherwise, they’ll learn to use the cell phones their children and grand children use, and forego using cell phones made especially for them. Choose wisely. There are excellent companies offering perfect products for seniors.