Get online! Recharge with the might of the internet! Online recharge is so comforting, so soothing and absolute cake-walk. The word ‘recharge’ means restoring or replenishing.

It means reinstating the original form of anything – from charges of a battery to the calling, messaging or data value of mobile connection. If you are a mobile subscriber, you would be aware that there are two types of connections cellular operators globally offer – one, the prepaid connection and the other post-paid connection. Prepaid is so named because in order to use any service of the operator the subscriber needs to pay first and in return purchase certain servicesthat needs to be consumed within a definite period of time – if not so the service will become redundant. Post-paid is so called because the subscriber in this case first uses the services of the cellular network and then pays up as per usage after a specific period of time. The bottom line is that all services are time-bound and at the end of the specified period of time services are deactivated. In order to re-activate them the subscriber would be required to pay for the same – either in the form of a rechargeor payment of monthly bills.

The recharge process is now no longer confined to only mobile connections, services like Direct-To-Home connection, electricity, broad band services can also be recharged online now.  People use to dread the idea of recharging in the initial years when mobile technology was still in its nascent stage. The basic mobile was a physical extension of the landline and primarily used for calling and sending short text messages, also called SMS. While the former was fixed at one place and could only be used within a limited area, the mobile phone had no such limitation and could be used even on the go, while travelling provided there was network connectivity. It was only with the introduction of the feature phones and later smart phones that the subscriber got to experience the world of internet on this handy little device. Even in the absence of laptops, personal computers and tablets, people started accessing internet and use it to complete many of their routine tasks through their mobile phones.

Following a similar route, recharge plans from cellular operators initially focussed on voice calling – local calls, STD and ISD calls, calls on roaming etc and SMS based packs. Later as phones underwent major transformation, the operators put all their marketing and promotional activities around data plans.  To know more about the recharge plans being offered by your cellular service provider, you can check online at the official website or App of the service provider or at a third party retailer site like that of MobiKwik or PhonePe or Apps like the Paytm App. If still not sure, you can search for recharge plans online using some of the prime search engines. You will find a world full of options that will help you stay connected with your family and friends.