The best way to ensure your planning for gas station construction meets all compliance requirements is to hire a specialized engineer. An engineer that primarily plans and deals with the specifics of gas station construction will know how to turn your property into a compliant fuel center.

Compliance Layout Plan

The building codes and regulations for gas stations require a particular layout for safety reasons. The tanks, lines, and pumps all have to be a specific distance from the street, a specified distance underground, and a myriad of other rules followed to gain the license to operate safely. An experienced engineer in gas station layout and design will know precisely how to get this done on your chosen property.

Traffic Planning

You will have difficulty in getting plans approved if you give no thought to possible traffic problems and solutions. A thorough plan needs implementing to reassure the local authorities that you will not cause any unneeded traffic snarls. Easy in and out is the goal.

Environmental Protection Safety Equipment 

Emergency shut-down devices need placed near the pumps and on the building in case of dangerous leaks or fire. Cutting the fuel will keep the situation from getting worse. The tanks and equipment should have access ports for easy testing. Planning for routine maintenance is smart.

Leak-Resistant Tanks and Fuel Lines

A knowledgeable engineer in the field of gas station construction can recommend the best tanks and fuel lines to install for optimal performance and durability. No matter how high the quality is, they will need replacing eventually. Getting the most out of your initial investment is critical.

Correct Tank and Fuel Line Installation

Use experienced engineering services to ensure proper tank and fuel line installation. You do not want forced to shut down right away due to a failure from poor installation. Test the equipment well before opening day and follow all beginning operational instructions.

Quality Pump Equipment

Ask for recommendations on the best pump equipment for the price. If you start with quality equipment, you will experience fewer breakdowns. It saves you money in the end.

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