Imagine five executive condo towers for fine living. Now imagine a pool the length of about three of the massive condo structures. I have never seen a swimming pool so big. Now I would not buy a condominium just for the swimming pool no matter how nice it is. However, it is one of the many features that has sold me on the PARC Life executive condos that overlook Canberra Park. I have always liked this area, and now there is a condo project being built that has all the features I want in a new place. However, I had to make sure it was appealing to the real boss in our family.

My wife is my best friend too. She helps keep me on track and making good decisions. If I was a bachelor, I just might buy a condo at PARC Life just for the pool. My wife researches every detail from the builder to the amenities and the quality of construction. I texted her a link to the website of the condo developer and asked her to take a look. She told me when I arrived home from work that it seemed like it was going to be a very nice place to live at, but she told me that we needed three bedrooms instead of two. I almost started to ask why when I realized she was telling me that we were expecting our second child.

Well, there was no better reason than to finally purchase our own place. We have been leasing from an investor who owns the condo we are living in. We would now soon be owners of our own three bedroom condo overlooking Canberra Park. I can hardly wait for two things now. One, is the birth of our second child. Two, is us being able to be living in our own place where we are not paying rent to a leaseholder.