What You Should Know About Incontinence You will not usually hear incontinence being discussed unless you are a nurse or doctor specialized in urology. However, if you are suffering from this condition, you are not alone. According to latest statistics, millions of people from around the country suffer silently with the condition. There are many products in the market you can use to get relief from incontinence. There are also various websites with information no how to naturally deal with condition. Continue reading to know more about the condition, symptoms and causes. What is Incontinence?
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You may have heard of incontinence but don’t know what it is. Incontinence refers to a condition in which a person does not have full control or their urine or bowel. When you suffering from the condition, you can wet yourself without control.
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Incontinence is quite a widespread condition. In some people, the condition may make them have a “small leak” every now and then. For other people, incontinence may be manifested with complete loss of bladder control. There are various signs and symptoms a person suffering from incontinence may show. One of the common symptoms is having a leak before reaching the toilet. However, just because you have these symptoms does not mean you automatically suffer from incontinence. You should go for a medical checkup to know for sure whether you are suffering from incontinence. Types of Incontinence The main types of incontinence are two. The first category of the condition is urinary incontinence. Many women suffer from the condition during pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, people suffering from asthma, arthritis and diabetes have a higher likelihood of suffering from urinary incontinence. There are varying severities of urinary incontinence. For some people, laughing hysterically at a joke can lead to a leak. For other people, controlling the bladder may be impossible. For such people, wetting themselves spontaneously is common. There are different factors that are known to cause urinary incontinence. However, the condition can be managed and treated. There are also various steps you can take to ensure you do not end up suffering from the condition. Things such as controlling your weight, keeping fit and reducing consumption of alcohol are known to prevent urinary incontinence. A doctor can also examine you and prescribe medication to help treat the condition. The doctor may suggest undergoing surgery if you have severe urinary incontinence. The other type of incontinence is known as fecal incontinence. People who struggle to control their bowel are likely to be suffering from this type of incontinence. Fecal incontinence will make you pass feces or stool without warning. Unlike what you may think, many people suffer from fecal incontinence. The good news is that you can use a number of products to control and manage the condition. You should see a doctor for treatment if you suspect you are suffering from fecal incontinence.