Joseph Kashurba Embodies the Modern Business

Creative industries are flourishing, and it is often thanks to companies who are innovating and keeping up with new methods on what constitutes a modern business. A business in 2017 can encompass many full-time employees who work directly for the company with a modest salary plus benefits. Of course, this may be a classic image of a company. In a modern context, companies can be versatile.

They can grow from a single person with an idea and only talent and the Internet to make it happen. Joseph Kashurba supports a somewhat idiosyncratic system for modern business. Grow the talent, start small, and use the resources of Internet and word-of-mouth to bring the business to life.

Agency Accelerator Program

The Agency Accelerator Program embodies many of these ideas. Joseph Kashurba has launched the program to help small web-based businesses in technology, web design, and digital marketing to scale their business appropriately in a modern context. The support system fast tracks small companies to success. The platform originates as a viable way to get small businesses just a little less small. But, it can expedite companies to wild success while still holding onto their creative freedoms.

It is a path that was almost entirely unknown prior to the Internet. Joseph Kashurba stresses the virtues of keeping it small and growing the company inherently from talent and smart development. Kashurba began a small business in High School.

Without the web, the business may not have gone beyond the scale of a lemonade stand. He was able to harness web growth to full effect. It wasn’t easy. He ran into some destabilizing trials that would have sunk someone else who did not have the determination to push through.

Entrepreneurial Freedom

The Agency Accelerator Program combines Joseph Kashurba’s learned hard lessons with strategies that can bring a business to new heights in 2017. Kashurba is the ultimate support of individuals who have a solid idea and some determination, yet want to retain that creative freedom as they grow their business.

Spirited entrepreneurs can learn more about Joseph and his program at his LinkedIn page, available at His history can illuminate many of his past successes and how he preserved through the mistakes.