Advantages Of Taking Green Tea in Human Health.

It is a type of hot beverage which is made from camellia leaves which don’t go through oxidation and withering processes that are used to prepare black and oolong type of tea. Green tea’s origin is China, but it is used by many nations within the continent. The varieties in green tea differ due to the growing conditions, time of harvest, production processing, growing conditions, horticultural method and the variety of camellia used. Below, are the health benefits that come along with green tea consumption.

Green tea normally helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism. Green tea contains an important element, that enhances the fat breakdown as well as the speed at which calories are formed. One of the most natural ways to reduce excessive fats in a human’s body is by green tea consumption.

Use of green tea, help in bringing down sugar levels in an individual’s blood. Apparently, this type of tea assist in glucose regulation thus slowing the rise of sugar in the blood after having a meal. Basically, this reduces the chances of more insulin thus, leading into storage of fats.
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Heart diseases are cured and prevented by the green tea. Consumption of this type of tea, it aids in lining of the blood vessels and be in a position to handle blood pressure variations. What causes heart attacks, is the formation of clots in the blood and green tea ha the solution to this.
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Another health benefit that comes along with this type of tea, is prevented from getting any type cancer. It damages the cancer cell lining the healthy tissue around them, safe.

It normally ha the vitamins and minerals that are necessary to the human body functioning. The eye tissues that lead to glaucoma, are protected and strengthened by the vitamin C and E as well as the lutein that are present in green tea.

For one to have gums that are free from wounds, it is advisable to use green tea. This type of illness usually affects many persons leading to inflammation of the gum which is caused by bacteria. The tea normally ha the anti-inflammatory elements that control the periodontal illness.

A person suffering from seasonal allergies such as, watery eye, sneezing and a stuffy nose can get rid of them by consuming green tea. It mainly contains the anti allergic properties that help in fighting these allergies. Blocking of the cell receptor that normally triggers allergic responses, according to study carried out in Japanese is found in the green tea.

It also aids in treating people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. The symptoms that come along with poorly functioning digestive system, are intensive abdominal pains, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. It is advisable that the persons suffering from the syndrome, to drink green tea that do not contain caffeine and when it is hot.

The other benefit that is associated with green tea is that it helps heal depression in a human. Frequently use of green tea can lead to a reduction in symptoms related to depression and anxiety.