One of the most difficult things about fundraising is that except for those few people who are in charge, the rest of the givers are left in the dark about how much progress is being made toward a goal. Churches face this problem the same as any other organization that takes donations for worthy causes. In the old days when charities didn’t have the technology that they do today, it was almost impossible for more than a few people close to the organization to know exactly how close to a fundraising goal they were.

Today’s apps make it possible for churches and other organizations to see how close they are to a specific goal. While churches don’t always set a goal, it can still give other charitable people hope to see that others are also donating to a cause. Churches can also have a fully functioning tithing section built into the app, all pre-formatted with only the church needing to fill in the blanks on the names.

These programs do an enormous amount of good for churches and the people that they help. Perhaps their biggest perk is allowing people to give whenever they feel like it and not on a set schedule. In the old days, people gave only on Sunday when the offering plate was passed around. Now someone can be in the spirit of giving at 3 AM, click a few buttons, and they’re able to give instantly without having to go anywhere. This benefits the church because it gives people 24/7 access to an application that allows giving at the click of a button.

App creators have caught onto the need for these types of apps and learned how to make them better-suited for the needs of churches. Reports show that these apps increase donations of all kinds, although there are many reasons why this is so. It’s not just the convenience of it (visit this site right here).

Perhaps there is something about the feeling that you can stay connected to church at any hour of the day or that other people, just like themselves, are giving to these churches. Statistics play a large part in tweaking the customized apps and making them so that givers are more likely to give in the future. It’s far more convenient to give from a mobile phone than it is to go into a church charity and write out a check or pay with a card. Instead, you can simply attach a digital wallet or a bank account to a tithing app and then pay at will.

Community plays a big part in the success of these apps. When you see the other people on the app with you and find that you are part of a digital community, pride increases. It also gives more transparency to the giving because app operators can communicate their results and let givers know that what they are doing truly counts. As churches move forward in the future, more and more are likely to create their own customized giving apps.