Fish ponds placed on the front or inside the house must be kept clean so that the pond remains unsightly and does not cause odor. So, how to take care of fish ponds for fish pond water is not cloud?

There are several simple steps to take care of fish ponds to keep the water clear and clean.

First, use filters to filter the pool water. You can buy special filters for fish pond water in specialty stores that sell different types of aquarium equipment or can also be found at ornamental fish shops.

Second, the filter that has been installed must be in a state of continuous light, except when the fish pond will be cleaned. The goal is to have enough oxygen levels in the pond water.For more information you can visit skimmer.

Third, regularly clean the fish pond like cleaning fish pond once a month. Use a brush and a mop to clean the surface of the floors and walls of fish ponds. But if the fish pond looks cloudy and dirty due to the amount of dirt that accumulate, do not have to wait a month to clean the fish pond, just clean the pond to fish pond back and clean.

Fourth, do not clean the moss attached to the wall and the fish pond floor is too clean. Moss that grows in the fish pond is actually a natural food of fish.

By doing some cleaning steps above, the fish pond will come back clear, clean, and unsightly. The atmosphere of the house will look more fresh by adding ornamental plants around the fish pond. Plants can be placed in pots. The type of plant that is suitable to be placed around the fish pond area is low shrub plants. These shrubs are leafy and look very attractive.

Do not forget to set the lighting on the pool. Make sure the pool area and surrounding areas get adequate lighting. Lighting can be a natural light in the form of sunlight.

For the contents of the pond, provide fish with colorful fish such as koi fish. In addition to having a very beautiful color, koi fish are also believed to bring good luck. Not only that carp and tilapia fish and arowana fish you can also use.

Another easy way to maintain clean water fish ponds so that the pool water is not cloudy and dirty that is by filtering out the dirt contained in the pond. Dirt can be the remains of food (pellets) that floats, foliage (fish ponds are in the outdoor), and other types of impurities.

How to care for and clean the fish pond manually is necessary if you do not use filters / filters specifically for fish ponds. Unfortunately this way is less practical and fast. Then the results obtained will also be less than when compared with the results of care and cleaning by using filters / filters.