Personal security is an issue that concerns everyone. To help you take care of your safety in shopping malls and parking lots, remember these safety tips. Do not hesitate to immediately report any suspicious people and / or situations to the security staff of the shopping center. Their job is to help you.

In the shop:

  • Stroll confidently and be on the alert.
  • Keep always a bag and shopping bags in your field of vision.
  • Do not burden yourself with too many bags or packages.
  • Do not show large amounts of cash.
  • Use credit cards whenever possible.
  • Never leave a credit card on the store counter.
  • Wear a bag or purse close to the body under the zipper or internal pocket valve.
  • Never leave your wallet on the store counter.
  • Do not carry a wallet in your back pocket.
  • Go to the store with friends when possible.
  • Report suspicious people or situations to the security service of the shopping center.

Every 24 seconds in the country gets stolen from a car, and every minute a house theft is committed, less than 10{d6f8b248392497726556ea711c00b020919885f8c77b11fdbdea5654711d6d27} of offenses are revealed. During the crisis, the number of thefts will grow and measures need to be taken now to protect themselves and their property. Video phones are there to protect you and your children from robbery. The security guard service happens to be the best in this case now.

  • The police advise everyone who leaves for the weekend, strengthen the doors and put at least two different locks and they have advised how to secure housing:
  • Do not tell strangers about the imminent departure; do not leave mail in the mailboxes. When you leave, leave the radio on.
  • Strengthen the front door. It is best protected by an array of wood at least 7 cm thick.
  • Place two locks of different designs. Place them on the door at a distance of at least 50 cm from each other. Choose a lock so that the thief cannot break.

On the certificate of quality and “class” in accordance with GOST, Russian locks are divided into classes – depending on the degree of reliability. Unfortunately, there are no such people who do not let the thief inside at all. “Coolness” is determined by the time during which the lock is ready to hold the onslaught of the burglar.

  1. The time of hacking is less than 5 minutes. Such recommend to put on the second, internal doors of apartments.
  2. Will last more than 5 minutes. For doors for which there are no special values.
  3. The opening time is more than 10 minutes. These put in the doors of apartments, where there are values ​​and which stand guard.
  4. The highest. He will have to crack for more than half an hour.

On the metal, ask the seller for the documents for the lock. From them you will learn, from what the locking lath, crossbars (the details that “enter” into the jamb) and the box are made. Because of brittle metal, the lock can crumble from one hit on the door.