Teori relativitas Albert Einstein adalah sebutan untuk kumpulan dua teori fisika : relativitas umum dan relativitas khusus Kedua teori ini diciptakan untuk menjelaskan bahwa gelombang elektromagnetik tidak sesuai dengan teori gerakan Newton. You may be impressed to sometime contribute when the frontiers of science and know-how are revealed to you. Come and explore over 200 interactive STEAM (science, expertise, engineering, arts, mathematics) exhibits which encourage training and creativeness. Einstein’s principle enabled significant statistical predictions in regards to the movement of particles which are randomly distributed in a fluid.

Curiosity in aviation (design, growth, production, operation and flight of heavier-than-air machines) could be traced again as far as Leonardo da Vinci However, real progress towards attaining flight in heavier-than-air machines only started in the midst of the 19th century.

All San Diego college students will Graduate with the Abilities, Motivation, Curiosity and resilience to Succeed of their alternative of School and Career with a view to Lead and Participate in the society of Tomorrow. SciTech is administered and delivered by the College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley and it’s led by globally recognized and extremely influential school.

The Awards Committee of the Science-Know-how Division is pleased to announce the winners of all our 2016 awards. To Nicholas Apostoloff and Geoff Wedig for the design and development of animation rig-based facial efficiency-capture techniques at ImageMovers Digital and Digital Domain.

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