Understanding Software

The software is different from hardware, if the hardware is a real component that can be tested and touched directly by humans, the software cannot be touched and viewed physically, software does not have physical looks and intangible things but can be operated.

Understanding Computer software is a set of electronic data stored and regulated by the computer, electronic data stored by the computer can be a program or instruction that will run a command. Through software or software is a computer can run a command. If you want to learn more, you can also read here http://www.get-itsolutions.com/

Types of Software or Software

Software or computer software based on its distribution can be divided into several kinds, namely, software paid, free or free software (Freeware, free software, shareware, adware).

Software paid

Paid software is software that is distributed for commercial purposes, any user who wishes to use or obtain such software by purchasing or paying for the party who distribute it. Example of paid software, for example, is Microsoft Windows system, Microsoft office, adobe photoshop, and others.


Freeware or free software is copyrighted computer software that is free to use without time constraints, different from shareware that requires users to pay (for example after a certain trial period or to obtain additional functionality). The developers of free tools often create free freeware tools “to donate to the community”, but also want to retain their rights as developers and have control over subsequent developments. Freeware is also defined as any program that is distributed free of charge, at no additional cost. A prime example is the browser suite and email client and Mozilla News, also distributed under the GPL (Free Software).


Shareware is also free but more restricted to a certain time. Shareware is a limited program distributed either as a demonstration or evaluation version with limited features or functions or by using a set time limit (eg 30 days). Thus, it gives the user a chance to test the product before buying and then purchase the full version of the program. A very clear example of this type is antivirus software, these companies usually facilitate the release of evaluation products that are only valid for a certain number of days. After passing the maximum, the program will stop working and you need to buy the product if you want to keep using it.

We can also find free software completely, but included in the advertising program, this type of distribution is called Adware. A clear example is the Messenger program from Microsoft that allows the use of free software in exchange for entry by means of banner or pop-up ads.

That is an explanatory article about the definition of software or computer software. Hopefully, the above reviews can add to your knowledge and insight in the computer field.