The profession of security guard service officially appeared on1992 with the adoption of the law, Private Detective and Security Activities. Today, more than a million people are guarding various objects.

What is a PSC?

Private Security Company – a non-governmental organization that provides security services.

When did private security officers appear?

The functions of maintaining law and order were assigned to the police. The first private security structures appearedafter the signing of the law in 1988. The security activity was not reflected or regulated in the text of the law, but in practice it manifested itself in the protection of the personal security of the client and his interests privately in accordance with the contracts by security cooperatives.

What should you do to become a security guard?

To get a security card, you need to undergo training and pass a qualification exam. It consists of:

  • Verification of theoretical knowledge;
  • Testing practical skills in the use of special tools, civilian and service weapons (with appropriate qualifications).

In addition, the guard must know the laws and be able to provide first aid.In order to obtain a license, all guards must pass fingerprint registration – they pass fingerprints.

Is it possible for guards to carry weapons?

Firearms and cartridges to it are issued only to guards who have the appropriate permission to store and carry specific types, types and models of weapons in the performance of their duties.

Whom you cannot appoint as guards?

You cannot take everyone as security guard. Below is the list of the persons whom you cannot appoint.

  • Foreigners;
  • Minors;
  • People with serious illnesses;
  • Dismissed from the civil service and from the bodies for disciplinary offenses and other violations, if after such dismissal less than three years have passed.
  • Employees of a private security organization are not allowed to combine security activities with public service or with elective paid positions in public associations.

What form and emblem should the guard have?

Under the law, uniforms of security guards should not be similar to the form of law enforcement officers and military personnel.On the form of the guard there must be fixed a personal card, by which it is possible to determine the belonging of private security workers to a particular organization.The coloring, inscriptions and signs on the cars of private security organizations are consistent with the bodies of internal affairs. Color schemes should not repeat the coloring of fire trucks, police, ambulance and other public services.

What should not the guards do?

Guards are prohibited from using special means for pregnant women, disabled people and minors. Exceptions are cases where the aforementioned citizens themselves are armed or attacked by a group, threaten the life of a security guard or can damage the protected property.Also, the law does not allow the guard to search citizens – this should be done by the police in the presence of witnesses. To detain without cause the guard also has no right.