Leads are essential to successful business because without converting leads to sales there will not be a business to speak of. Here are the five best practices for you to capture lead sources as a means to boost your business.

Avoid clutter

Lead source tracking is a very powerful tool, if you know how to use it. If you have the ability to track the sources of your leads but they all end up scrabbled together in the same place it defeats the purpose. Group the leads according to sources, that way you know which sources generate the most leads, at least on a basic level.

Don’t change the lead source

When updating the status of a lead from pending to on hold, for example, that is all that should change. If once you begin to nurture the lead you move it away or change it so that the knowledge of its source is lost, all that work is in vain.

Do not categorize sources by campaigns; different leads for the same campaign may have been captured from different sources. This is valuable information to have when nurturing a campaign. The campaign serves as a grouping of leads and contacts you need to get in touch with, it does not dictate where that lead came from (its source). Never list the campaign as the lead’s source.

Know the value of a source’s lead

If you track the conversion rate of sales from leads generated from certain sources you should notice a pattern. This pattern should inform future marketing and business strategies. Eventually you will see that a percentage of leads from a particular source do better than others.

Get a Lead Management System

A quality lead management system will enable you to log the sources of your leads. A reporting system will automatically generate a report which will tell you which sources generate the most leads and which of these leads are more likely to convert to sales. Leadtrekker sales leads software can capture lead sources and automatically capture sales leads.

Leadtrekker has the ability to track sales from multiple sources. This is invaluable because now you can create a single database from which to track all of your leads. This can be used to come up with the best strategy for converting leads based on comprehensive reporting.